How Do I Get Out of Paying for This Fake

Aug 22, 2006
DO NOT contact the seller and refuse to pay!! You're risking an immediate neg that way. Here's what you do. Follow this link. Report the item, stall the seller and tell 'em you're having problems with PayPal, etc. It'll take a few days, but Ebay will cancel the auction and send you an Email that you're not obligated to complete the transaction. Done!

i'm going to report it, too -- multiple reports might ensure that it's pulled.


Aug 20, 2006
I accidentally BIN'ed a fake Balenciaga. I reported it as fake, as did others. EBay never pulled it. I did e-mail the seller and told her I'd realized it was a fake and I would not be following through with the transaction. She didn't neg me, probably because she knew she'd get the same!


Nov 24, 2006

I don't know what I was thinking --- I must have been asleep at the wheel --- to bid on this fake but the seller keeps saying it is authentic and he guarantees it. But, how do I prove it is not authentic? I don't think the accent is correct and I have never seen the logo used like this or a bag that looks like this. What do I do?

Thanks very much.



The question is not "How do I get out of paying for this fake?" The question should be, "If the bag is counterfeit, what steps should I follow to invalidate the auction?" You do not have to pay for an item that is counterfeit. There is not a contract if fraud is involved. If the seller says that he is selling an Hermes item on an auction site that does not allow the selling of counterfeit items (which Ebay holds itself out as - generally, if a person is listing a Chanel, Hermes, etc., on the last page before you click "list," you are guaranteeing that the item is authentic.) I would contact the seller, and tell him that you have learned that the item is counterfeit. Tell him you will not be completing the transaction because you can not purchase a counterfeit item as that is illegal. You should contact Ebay to report that the item is a counterfeit. I don't know anything about this particular handbag, but it sounds like the Hermes' experts here have doubts about its authenticity. If the seller leaves you a negative, you have to respond in kind. If Ebay is truly concerned about eliminating counterfeiters, they should remove the negative when it arises out of a fraudulent transaction. I'm a lawyer, and that's my opinion. :yes: And I'm also an Ebay seller who would rather take a negative than to let someone else blackmail me into completing a transaction that is wrong.


Mar 10, 2006
I once was the winning bidder on a fake item and I emailed the seller and told him I would not be completing the transaction. He emailed me back saying he did not appeciate my wasting his time, but that he would send me an agreement to withdraw (or something like that) so that he would not be charged any fees. He did not leave me negative feedback.