How Do I Get Out of Paying for This Fake

  1. Help!

    I don't know what I was thinking --- I must have been asleep at the wheel --- to bid on this fake but the seller keeps saying it is authentic and he guarantees it. But, how do I prove it is not authentic? I don't think the accent is correct and I have never seen the logo used like this or a bag that looks like this. What do I do?

    Thanks very much.


  2. OMG, Hermes does make a bag like that (called the Caucase) but this particular one looks fake. May I ask if you bid on eBay?
  3. if it is fake, there is a HUGE lesson to be learned here - there is no bag that is beyond being replicated.
    buyer be so so so so ware!
  4. Yes, I did buy it on eBay. It was not that much money - but I don't know if I should let it go or not.
  5. Lissat, do you mind posting the auction #? I've never seen a real Caucase in person but in pictures it does not have the "Hermes Paris..." on the front as it seems to have in the first picture. Or maybe I'm just seeing things.
  6. Ugh, sorry...I am not familiar with the style of the bag, but the stamp definitely looks fake...someone else must be able to help...
  7. Lissat, if it sold for "not that much money" that's another good sign it's a fake. Even the lesser known styles command a relatively high price. I'd love to see the auction, if you don't mind! You can PM me if you're not comfortable posting it here.
  8. Here is the eBay auction number
    My main concern is the logo. I have not seen it used on a handbag in that style and the accent is straight instead of at an angle.
  9. Never saw that kind of font, either. The seller said it's 11 in. wide, which is 28cm. As far as I know, the Caucase only comes in 24cm width. Just from the looks of the bag, it's very likely a fake. Sorry! I understand that when you bid, you entered a contract but there's no way I'd pay for that. Let the seller know and I'm hoping he'll understand. Good luck!
  10. Thanks. Yes, the font is a serif and the font used on ALL the bags is sans serif. The serif is only used on the packaging, tags etc. The bag does scream fake. And that is why I was the first person who bid on it and almost the last. I really think I must have been looking at something else because I can't believe I would bid on that logo! I am having a hard time with the seller. Are there any more facts about the Caucase model that you can provide? I don't want a fake in my house! At lease since I was the only bidder it is only pocket change - but still.
  11. 24, faubourg WE LOVE YOU!!!:yahoo: :yahoo:

    oh... uh... sorry lissat about the very unfortunate turn your experience took. next time, post the bag in the "authenticate this" thread before you bid. brilliant people like 24, faubourg will let you know the truth. :yes:
  12. The font of the "HERMES" lettering looks wrong to me, as does the proportion and spacing of the other words...
  13. HH, I don't know what else to say but thank you! :heart:
  14. DO NOT contact the seller and refuse to pay!! You're risking an immediate neg that way. Here's what you do. Follow this link. Report the item, stall the seller and tell 'em you're having problems with PayPal, etc. It'll take a few days, but Ebay will cancel the auction and send you an Email that you're not obligated to complete the transaction. Done!
  15. I would simply refuse to pay. It may attract you a negative feedback, but if you're honest, you should stand your ground.