how do i get my sister to realize fakes are wrong!

  1. (sorry about long post)
    my cousin loved LV until she sadly passed away 2 years ago, her mother gave a her MC pouchette
    to her as agift to remeber her by claming she had bought it from the boutique. At the time it was given to her i though it was real as i wasnt a such HUGE fan, about a year ago i realized it is infact (an obvious) fake i.e. wrong colours and wrong shaped lv's non oxadising patina etc. i told her (an all her friends by hopefully embaressing her out of it) but she still insits on using it claiming it is infact real (i have convinced her to rarel use it about 1ce every 6 months) she says she will stop using it if i replace it with a real one, but she siply doesnt take care of designer things like me i have me lv still wrapped in its orignal packaging and bags when not in use, she doesnt evern use the fake dustbag provided and is in a pile of her other bags it has stains all the way through so this si enough eveidence, worse i gave her atiffanys bracelet for her 18th and 4 months later it is covered in scratches and i have the original bag and box so i have now vowed never to give her designer gear cos she simply will not appreciate it, i have been thinking of throwing out the pouchette but im afraid she will get angry and have a huge fit (or even say it was one of her last remains of her cousin) what should i do?
  2. I can see why her use of a fake bag would disappoint and embarrass you,but at the same time I don't think that there is anything you can or should do if she insists on carrying it.

    The bag does have sentimental value to her (though it's a bit confusing in your post as to who gave the bag to whom),she is 18 years old,and by all accounts it doesn't sound as if the bag is going to last much longer.

    She'll grow up,I'm sure...and in the meantime you've done what you can to educate her about fake bags.
  3. Better let her go.
    I do not support FAKE , but i think one can do what one wants.
    If she feels free to carry it so be it.
    It's not like she's trying to sell it on Ebay claiming it's an authentic.
  4. perhaps to her .. the bag is just like any other bag ..
    she doesn't see it as an LV bag .. but just a normal bag.
    so probably she doesn't feel that there is anything wrong carrying it.

    the bag does have a sentimental attachement to it and by throwing it out you are not really respecting her decisions either.

    i know you feel that if you get her a real bag she wouldn't apprecaite it and not take care of the bag. but perhaps to her, by using the bracelet that you've given her .. even though it is covered with scratches doesn't mean that she doesn't appreciate it.

    its maybe just not in her nature to take such good care of things like you do. but just because she doesn't take good care of it doesn't mean that she doesn't appreciate the gift and like it.

    i would rather someone use the gift i've given them and wear it out so much that its covered with scratches then just leave it in the box and not wear it at all
  5. Some people like designer items and some don't care less. You can't force her to appreciate something that doesn't matter to her. To her bag is a bag. It's different matter to us who love designer items, we know the value of it therefore we appreciate it more. I can see people with fake bag just don't really care about their bag because it is fake and they don't pay that much for it. Unlike us who paid fair amount of $$ for a bag will appreciate and baby it .
    Let your sister learn on her own, one day she will realize ( may be not) carrying fake was big embaarrasment.
  6. I wouldn't necessarily mind being out with a relative who carried a fake bag because I'd hope that the trained eye of a seasoned LV lover would recognize mine as being authentic. I, too, have a cousin who carried a horrible Phooey Baton at my parents' Christmas party and I had to resist the urge to throw it in the garbage. But she doesn't wear designer bags and has no idea how much a real one would cost, so there was no point in me jumping on her.

    Plus, if your cousin has a history of carrying crappy looking bags, it would look worse for you to buy her an authentic pochette and have her pull all kinds of bootleg Claire's accessory pieces out of it. That alone would make people think the pochette was fake too!
  7. Let your sister keep the bag,but dont let her use was your cousins last posesion..throwing the bag will be sort of like throwing your cousins rememberence. Tell her to just get a real mc pouchette to take cover of the fake one
  8. could it have nothing to do with it being authentic or not...and just the fact that it has sentimental value to her???sometimes people just dont care wether its designer or not especially when it comes to sentimental vvalues
  9. I think anything my father (who passed away) gave me is precious, so if her mother gave it to her, I understand why she wouldn't throw it out.
    Perhaps her mom didn't know it was fake when she bought it. I don't know, but it certainly sounds excusable given the facts of this case.
  10. i wouldn't throw it out since it has sentimental value. i don't particularly agree with fakes either, but since i'm in college and just waitressing to make extra money, it's all i can actually afford... so i understand if she carries a fake one just because she doesn't have the money to get a real one herself (which i'm assuming she doesn't since she is only eighteen). don't buy her one though... if she can't even take care of her fake purse, she can't be expected to take care of a real one. let her buy it herself when she has the money or whatever.
  11. this fight happened between a friend and i she said her mono pochette was real when it was a totle fake. And i took her to the Lv and told her to ask then if it was real and they said NO so she gave it to a sencond hand store.
  12. sorry guys (to clarify) my aunt bought her daughter (my cousin) a fake MC pouchette as a present one year (i dont know if she thought it was real, or couldnt afford the real thing so she bought her a fake) 2 years ago that cousin passed away and my Ausnt gave my sister that MC pouchette, she used it a bit under the pretences it was real (i used to think so also) Thinking i was real we went to lv store with it!! looking back on it im so suprised the SA's didnt say anything! Once i had found out it was fake i couldnt stop telling her that it was and insited she get rid of it, (I dont mind if she kept it as a sentimintal gift) but i didnt want her using it, its not real and its not right and its nothing i want to be part of. i guess i have to accept it is her decision but im so tempted to throw it out to put an end to it!
  13. naughty manolo: maybe its just a bag to her?? and she just doesn't really care what others may think bout fakes or bout her carrying it. I think its ok ...heck just because you authentic pieces doesn't neccasrily give you the right to tell people what should or shouldnt be allowed to worn..........just give your sis time and everything will "fall" into/out of/ apart.....depending on the fake quality!! heheh cheer up babes its nothing to be distraught over..!
  14. Tiffanys jewelry scratches easily with use. I wear my heart tag one everyday almost, with the beaded one and they have some scratches on them. it just might mean she wears it a lot :smile:

    maybe she doesnt take care of the 'lv' bag because she knows it's fake anyways

    or maybe not..
  15. jeez, if your sister using a fake bag bugs you that bad, you need to focus on more important issues. Seriously - who cares!..

    I don't approve of fakes, but i'm not about to throw a tantrum or throw someone elses property out just because I don't approve/like it.