How do I get my mom to........


Jan 25, 2006
buy me a $200 purse?? Hi Im Krista and Im 13 years old. I thought I would borrow her computer and ask your opinion on how to get her to buy me a dooney and bourke star purse?? Its O.K I wont get in trouble. Just need your help! I am purse obsessed just like my mom, just broke.
I agree with Fayden. See if you can help your mom out with some extra "jobs" around the house (or wash the car, whatever) and save up until you have enough for the purse. You will appreciate it more if you have to earn it for yourself.
I also agree with Fayden. Make a list of chores that you know she does not like to do and assign a value to each equaling $200. Have her sign them when complete and then get your bag!!!
fayden said:
how about earning it? do some chores? clean the house ten times?

That's what I do with my 13 year old. The more chores she does the more goes into the "Purse Fund" for her. The grades are good, so that's $. We have a pay scale - A & B get cash, C's get nothing, and if a D or F show up - she has to pay us. (No D's & F's so far.)

When she got accepted into all three High Schools she applied for, we let her pick out a purse for herself. She picked a small Coach. It's cute for her.
Not sure if I would buy my daughter a $200 purse at 13. I agree with Fayden, if she works for it and saves, then she deserves it.

Also, with no disrespect...not sure if I want to pay my daughter to do well in school... my sister was doing that with my 12 year old nephew and everything became a money and what he could get if he did something she wanted. you'll be graduating 8th grade this year? Early graduation gift? I always used the classic "please I'll pay you back" and it still works, hehe...

Maybe there is a less expensive bag in the same line that you two could compromise on?

PS Happy - My parents always said the same thing. They were like it is your responsibility to do well in school, I shouldn't have to pay you to do it. Back then I was bitter, well not really...not many kids I knew got paid for grades but I figured asking a few times was worth a try! But now looking back I don't get why kids should be paid for grades at all.
I completely agree w/happy1 and blue824- children especially at that age should not be taught to associate grades w/money. My parents are extremely well off, but I never got a $200 bag until college (and that's from saving my allowance money which came from them and adding some on through my own part-time job). Now, I know everyone's different, but at a younger age, I'd think kids should have better things to focus on. For me, the few times I tried linking good grades w/goods when I was young, the more my parents did not give me, just to make the point that I should be studying hard as a student b/c that was my job at the time and that to get grades is doing myself a favor, NOT doing my parents a favor.
my daughter will be ten soon. she has earned her small bag collection by doing those chores that i hate to do. she has maintaine high honore roll consistently while involved in extracurricular activities