How do i get my makeup to look like Jessica Alba's?

  1. I LOVE her makeup here ( there are plenty more in the celebrity thread - Jessica Alba - “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer” Premiere), any ideas on how i could get it like that? Does anyone know what makeup brand she uses?


    th_95558_AlbaSilverSurferLondon025_122_512lo.jpg th_95518_AlbaSilverSurferLondon023_122_964lo.jpg
  2. anyone?:blush:
  3. I dont know but having perfect skin like hers probably doesnt take much makeup. She very pretty.
  4. Maybe a bit bigger pics would help.. I can't really make out what she's wearing heh
  5. Her makeup does look great....Unfortunately I really don't think that is why she looks so great. She is just naturally gorgeous. I have seen pics with her wearing NO makeup and she is beautiful and flawless.
  6. bigger pic and i can definetly help
  7. Sorry, I'm really no help. Maybe you can take the picture to a good makeup artist & see if they can create that look on you or something close?

    Jessica Alba is hot damn gorgeous.
  8. uh...hard to say but most likely some kind of smoky eye with coppery/beige tones.
  9. Hi, Jessica Alba uses Laura Mercier or Stila illuminating foundation and a Laura Mercier concealer, she usually applies neutral eye colours such as shimmery golds/bronzes and earthy shades and she uses a black kohl eyeliner on her upper eye lids making the line thicker on the outside of the eyes and she sometimes flicks it at the ends, her lips are always neutral, apply a creamy nude shade thats slightly pink and she uses a dusky, shimmery pink blusher - bourjois do one thats pretty close. Hope this helps! x

    For those of you out there (like me) that cant afford Laura Mercier then a close foundation would be Loreal Infaliible and then just dust some highlighter on your cheek bones and brow bone to give a nice glowing, sexy finish
  10. I read somewhere that she loves Laura Mercier Foundation Primer, Benefit EyeBright and L'Oreal mascaras.
  11. Dead easy get a gold shimmery eyeshadow the liquid chanel one's have a similar tone apply to the lid and brow bone take it right down to the corner of the eye and around the lower lashes keep very close to the lash line you may need a thin brush to this (i use a cottonwool stick (que tip) )
    add false eyelashes put on lots of black mascara and black eyeliner to the top lid and the outer edge of the lower lid extend the line a little (not an amy whinehouse extension)

    But to be honest I think that look or maybe it's the colours make her look tired
  12. I can't say for those pictures but I do know that she uses Cle de Peau concealor and Dior mascara. As for her lips, she changes brands and shades.
  13. at last years oscars, a makeup artist said jessica alba used manic beige lipgloss #224 by dior, if that helps! i have it, and its really pretty.