how do i get my makeup like her?

  1. long tiem ago i googled makeup images and saved a pic and today i found it
    how do i get my makeup like this ?
    also im fair if it helps with brown eyes
    i really like her lipstick and liner
  2. hmm here's what i'm seeing ..

    eyebrows: drawn on with light/medium brown pencil

    eyeshadow: on her entire lid and in her crease it looks like all the same color .. looks kinda like a silvery pinkish pearly color .. the highlighter color right below the eye brow looks like an opal. white .. also right in the corner of the eye put a little of the highlight color, it'll make your eyes look bigger

    eyeliner: line the inner rims of your eye (upper and lower) .. then line the upper lash line a little fuller

    mascara: heavier on top, then bottom

    lips: looks like a nude color lip liner and light pink lip gloss

    .. putting my makeup artist skills to use! haha! hope i helped!
  3. She's using a shimmery silver eyeshadow ( it could be cream shadow) and a little greyish/black shadow for the outside corners.

    ANd her lips...also shimmery gloss w/ some lip liner.

    Basically, she's SHIMMERY!
  4. Basically, she's SHIMMERY![/quote]

    She is indeed!! A very personal opinion here: try going for a more subtle lip-liner. Something that matches your natural colour better.. I just think darker liner with pale lippy looks a tad strange. Please don't be offended, I don't mean any harm!
  5. I agree with missmustard.
    The incredibly dark lip liner looks a bit tacky.
  6. ITA about the lipliner, missmustard.

    To OP - when choosing a lip liner, try to choose one that matches the natural shade of your lips. I've seen many young girls who do the dark lipliner/light gloss thing and it doesn't look all that great IRL.
  7. Great advice ladies, thank you!
  8. thanks for all the help and info and tips about the eyeliner thanks!!!!
  9. Perhaps that was for a photoshoot? That dark lipliner, light lipstick is horrible. I have seen girls use black liner!! Horrible. Less is more.
  10. That dark lipliner, light lipstick is horrible:yes:
  11. She has way too much going on....not so my opinion.
  12. Oh dear, the lip liner is.. ew!