how do I get back on track?

  1. hey guys...i was doing really good with my diet up until a couple days ago and ive beenn off of it since then...i just cant keep myself disciplined/focused.....any tips or helpful ideas?
  2. I have the same problem! I was good for a while and then I just fell off the wagon. I think if you can identify what makes you "fall off" then you are heading in the right direction. For me, its usually stress, like when I have problems in my relationship with my boyfriend. Or sometimes it's just not enough distractions. My tip: just keep at it and never give up!
  3. Forget about what u did, and move on. Tomorrow is another day.
  4. I agree.. move on try to just say ok monday thats it back to the diet! Its ok to go off track once in a while, your body needs it and well you deserve it :P
  5. i find that you have to be in the right state of mind to lose weight - if you've been under stress lately, deal with that, get right in your head, and then start back.