How do I get another dust bag from Louis Vuitton?

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  1. hi all,

    I bought some items from the LV store here in Brisbane, Australia, and one of them was an Alma pm - I used this dust bag to store my vintage speedy in when not in use.

    In was robbed about a month later, and the theives took the dustbag containing my vintage speedy in it.

    Is it possible to get another dustbag from them?

    Could I show them the receipt and tell them what happened...?

    I don't mind even paying a little bit of $$ for it- I am just miffed that now I am missing a dust bag.

    I was also devestated about the vintage speedy, and the Dior items they took, but they were all insured....

    Has anyone asked LV for a dustbag or bought one from them?


  2. I would like to know too
  3. Go in an LV boutique and ask .. they should be able to give you one .. so sorry for your loss .. may the thieves get what they deserve.
  4. I've had to ask for one and my SA had no problem giving me a replacement. I called and told him what bag it was for and they had an extra in that size, it was no charge. I'm sure you won't have an issue but I'd call before you go just in case they want you to bring the bag or receipt.
  5. Is it that easy? I thought they might not want to give one without purchase becuase they might not carry spares....or they might think that you want to use it to sell a fake bag.

    I've never been in this situatiopn before, but next time I'm in there, I'll ask.


  6. I hope you can get one from LV. Before you get one back, you can store your bag in a pillow case. I read it from some other post here. I thought that was a good idea.
  7. Just tell your LV store what happened. Better yet, ask the SA who helped you with your purchase, you will definitely get a new one. I have 2 dogs who love to chew on things and sometimes I leave my dust bag outside and it later becomes a chew toy. I always go to my SA and I get new dust bags with no problem.
  8. im so sorry to hear that happened to you :sad: just ask a nice SA I hope you get your dust bag :smile:
  9. just go in and ask for one to replace the old one
    if you have a regular sa go with him/her
  10. sorry to hear that....
    I wrote en email and they told me first
    that they only have one dustbag per item. then I called my next store and they told me the same - but they sent my one with the mail.....
    wasn't as easy as I thought it would be.
  11. I just went in LV to do an exchange on my Alma BB. I asked my SA for a large bag because I like to stuff and store my bags and my Artsy didn't fit inside the original bag stuffed. She gladly gave me a large bag.
  12. :yes: It was that easy. If you explain your situation, I honestly don't think that you'll have a problem but it really does depend on the SA. If you have a regular SA, start there. You could also inquire at the 1-866 number, tell them your situation and they will put you on hold and call your local store for you. If the store has an extra bag in that size, they'll hold it for you.
  13. I bought a preloved keepall 50 that didn't come with the dust bag. Does Louis Vuitton provide large enough dust bags for the keepalls? I also like to keep my bags stuffed to keep its shape would that make a difference for dust bag sizing? Thanks in advance.
  14. tried the 1-866 number for a dust bag. they are no help. they told me to visit my local store.