How do I get an Expanded use number for Paypal?

  1. Hi there,

    I just created a new paypal account and added my credit card info. However, I am not sure if Paypal automatically charges the $1.95 to my cc in order to give me an expanded use number? There was never a message indicating that I should wait for it...

    any thoughts?

  2. someone please help??? thanks!
  3. I *think* Paypal gives you two options regarding this. The quicker option to access the expanded use number is by authorizing Paypal to charge 1.95 to your bank account. When Paypal charges the 1.95, you should see in your bank account summary the expanded use number or "code" that is comprised of a short sequence of numbers. You take those numbers and input them into the Paypal site where it prompts you to. This is done to verify your identity and bank/funding source. Admittedly, its kind of a PITA.

    I hope that helped!
  4. hi- wish i could help..but i haven't added a cc to paypal in a while..maybe call paypal or your cc to see if the 1.95 has been charged to your account