How do I get a smell....

  1. out of my Epi Noe. I bought it off eBay and it smells musty, like it has been in a basement. I put dryer sheets inside of it and that took the smell out of the inside but I can still smell it on the outside. Any suggestions please?!
  2. Maybe leave it outside on a warm sunny day?
  3. i agree with lv_addict

    that should help ^_^
  4. Hi, recently I bought a juliette bag on eBay and had the same problem. The PFers were very very helpful (see the juliette thread from a few days ago) :rolleyes:.
    I sprayed the inside with febreze and then put a dryer sheet in it. Then I let it air out outside, with the dryer sheet in it. The odors are gone! Please be careful though, I wouldn't want your bag to be damaged. For me it worked.
    Good luck! :flowers:
  5. You could also try putting it in a ziplock back with dryer sheets on the outside.
  6. Yeah, I was thinking along this line too. Or maybe put it in a bag with coffee grounds or baking soda. Leaving it outside on a nice day might help, like others have said.
  7. Do you have an Ionic Breeze machine, or something similar? I've heard that putting a smelly bag over it for a couple of days will freshen it up.

  8. that's a good idea. i had it by the window with the dryer sheets inside but with them closed in a bag the smell will effect the outside of the bag. thank you soooo much!:biggrin:
  9. I've only bought one thing from eBay (from fahionphile) it was another mono sm. agenda. When I got it, it smelled very much musty. I had an old Coach leather bag so I put it in there thinking the leather smell would transfer to the agenda. It worked!!! I left it in there overnight and when I took it out it smelled like leather and the musty smell never came back!!!
  10. I did this once with a snakeskin bag, but I just used the dust bag and put two dryer sheets on either side.
    You might want to carefully try some Febreeze on a paper towel and touch the bag to test a small inconspicuous area to make sure it dries without leaving a stain.
  11. I just re-read your post - the smell is on the outside! Clean the outside with Apple Leather Care or Leather CPR. Some other ladies have done this to remove smoky smells, so give it a try.
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