How do I get a damier speedy made in france?

  1. Should I call up the vuitton stores or special order it?
  2. You can try....
  3. or call 1866 vuitton, may be they can locate it for you
  4. when i ordered mine off eluxury, it was made in france.... i was thrilled as i had assumed it would be made in the U.S. (although when i called to inquire the rep said they couldn't garauntee a made in france bag through the website, and the boutique i went had all of them made in the U.S). Not that it really matters..
  5. DRSM, When did you order it?
  6. mine's made in france...i ordered 6/12
  7. Mine's made in the USA, I placed the order at the end of june.
  8. I bought mine on the day they released them and it's made in France (mind you I am in Canada so I don't know if our shipments come from US or Europe).
  9. I called the vuitton number, these said it's practically impossible to get a made in france in usa. You guys are lucky. Maybe if I order elux, I'll get lucky too. :shrugs:
  10. Ah, this is SO weird because I wanted to know the same exact thing. I spoke to an extremely nice woman when I called 866-VUITTON, and she told me that usually, they'll make the first few batches in different countries, but then they'll start producing most, if not all, of a product in the country where it is most popular. For example, she told me that the Vernis is extremely popular in Italy, and that's where most of the Vernis pieces are made. However, there MAY be some floaters around the US - she said that if I went to a boutique and they had several Damier Speedy bags, to look at all of them to see if one may be a Made in France bag.
  11. My mom bought hers on June 2 and hers is Made IN France. Bought at the KOP PA boutique.
  12. Mine is made in France. I bought it about the middle of June. I got one of the last made in France damier speedy 25 at the SF LV. My SA told me that the first batch is made in France, and then the others will all be made in USA.
  13. I just bought my damier speedy 30 today and it is made in france. Before I left the store I had the SA check the bag because I wanted one that was made in France. It's a good thing because the bag inside the box was made in USA:wtf:Yikes, I told her to get me one made in France. She gladly obliged:smile:
  14. Hmm. I got my damier speedy from my Saks boutique and it is Made in France. So is it really that hard to get them?
  15. Good to know. I'll wait to buy one so that I can get a U.S.-made bag instead.