How do I found out if the gift was purchased w/PCE or not?

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  1. Quick question, I received a coach bag as gift, but I don't like the color, I mean I do like the color, but I don't like it enough to wear it. I don't know if there was a PCE arround October 15'th when it was purchased, and I don't want to get flagged at coach for bringing it in either, since i m not the purchaser but the receiver. but how do I find out if it was a PCE purchase or not? I have the gift receipt and tags still attached. If it's bought FP I'd exchange it for a more "neutral" color, but If it's bought with PCE i ll have to bay it off and pay humungous ebay fees :sad:. Is there a way for me to find out without having to carry it into the coach store?
  2. Since you have the gift receipt, you'll be fine. Coach will know whether or not it was purchased with PCE when the scan the receipt.
  3. Can't you just take the PCE price as the merchandise credit if that's what's offered and pay the difference for the new bag you want?

    Just seems easier to me than doing the ebay thing since things on ebay aren't selling very well.
  4. Thats what I did, i took it into the store and confirmed it was purchased by pce. It's just a rare handbag that would bring more on ebay, even after all the fees- but i m not up to selling stuff there. So I just exchanged it.