How do I find this LV bag?


Feb 22, 2006
I came across a LV bag that I haven't seen before and was wondering if anyone can ID it!

First of all, the bag is shaped exactly like the Demi Lune MM, including the handles, but the body of the bag is greenish/brownish monogram DENIM material! Also along the top, instead of mink, it was lined with light brown chinchilla hair!!

I saw this bag in Japan, estimated about $4500, but can't find it anywhere in the states. Help?

That's from fall/winter 2005 collection. It's very beautiful with fur trim. I do believe this is one of the bags that you should invest in. Good news is that you can wear them from day to night. If you're carrying one, you'll definitely stand out from the crowd coz' this bag is a limited edition piece and not many are carrying this.