How do I find the name of an older bag?

Jun 14, 2006
Many years ago (probably in 2001 - 2003) I fell in love with a Chanel bag. When hubby gave me the ok to get it the bag was gone. I have always wanted that bag and am wondering how to go about finding the name of it. I dont have a photo (this was pre internet shopping for me).

I was wondering if I tried to describe it if any of you lovely experts could maybe help me find one.

It was black lamb, it was maybe 12" width across the front, 4"-6" width front to back, and maybe 10" tall. It had silver accents. The chain at the top had a leather shoulder rest type of thing.

The inside was open at the top, and it consisted of three seperate pockets. The first section of the purse was open, the center was zippered, and third was open. It had a small silver CC towards the top center of purse.

I know its a long shot but i would love to find one of these bags one day. I always look in the boutique when I shop to see if I can find something similar and I never do.

Thank so much for any help :heart:


Always on the hunt
Jan 18, 2007
Here's an example. Was it like this, only with leather at the top of the strap?

Chanel makes quite a few different versions of its classic bags from season to season. I have what could be considered a "timeless tote" with leather at the top of the chain straps that is blush patent and fairly large. Also note that Chanel does not have a name for most of its bags/lignes. They have just recently started to name more bags and lignes, so they bag you are looking for might not have had a name. I wish I could be of more help.

And as a side, OT note: I have long been in love with that LV Roulette Wheel charm in your signature. I wish I could find it someday!
Jun 14, 2006
Thank you so much for your help...that is kinda close. The one I am lusting for is kinda taller. More of an upright rectangle, and it has the 2 inner pockets as well as the zippered one.

Boy I wish I could find this bag for sale. And I love that mask charm, I would love to find that one hehe.