How do I find the BEST plastic surgeon??

  1. I hope I am posting this in the right section..please feel free to move if i did sorry! lol But anyways I was wondering how I would find the best plastic surgeon in my area. I currently live in the Portland Oregon area...but will be moving to Vegas in a few years. Should I wait until I move to Las Vegas to get it done...are the surgeons better over there?? I have been wanting to get my nose done since i was 12 and my breasts since i was 15 or 16.:yes:
  2. is a GREAT source for finding a PS in your area. Even though thats mainly for boobs, if you find a surgeon you particularly like you can go to his personal site and see his other available procedure photos. Also is another good site for more info.
    Also ask around, ask your doctors who they recommend, friends etc (unless youre not telling them youre considering surgery :smile:
  3. I'm in the same boat. I found a surgeon in my area online who has a few nice before-and-after pics on her site, but I'm at a loss for how to find out much else about her. I could find out if she's been sued, but that doesn't always mean much because there are so many variables. I don't really have anyone to ask as I don't really know anyone who's had surgery recently.
  4. I think every state also has a site where you can check how many malpractice suits a doctor has.
  5. All of those are good, but here is how I found my plastic surgeon: I found out who the nurses at the hospital use. They know all the doctors and have seen (and gossiped about) who is good and who is bad.

    I went to my doctor for reconstruction after breast cancer, then went back to him later for cosmetic procedures. Also, he is the go-to guy for emergency fixes when other doctors mess up, so . . .
  6. if you want the best do not only limit your search to your state consider going abroad or to another state. a good surgeon also let you talk to prvious patients etc but the most important thing is that you tick with him that you feel comfortable and that he understands what you want and shows you realistic expectations. the best surgeon of the world means nothing if the chemistry between the two of you if off.

  7. Note: Health privacy laws absolutely prevent physicians from sharing names of patients with other patients legally. So that really isn't an option.
  8. There is a website, I think for each state, that tells you if your dr has any malpractice suits. I know my PS I went to for my nose was an ENT also. I felt more comfortable having someone operate on me who specialized on noses. Him having a website wasn't important to me, as I don't think it's important for a dr to advertise. If he's good, he's good. My dr. had a lot of famous clients, mostly boxers, but it's not like he talked about it. Be sure that with any surgeon you see, you ask for before and after pictures. My dr handed me 3 huge photo albums. Another PS I went to in a very ritzy and reputable area had *none* and basically made it seem like what she was doing to do to me was what she wanted. She didn't want to do everything I wanted-so whats the point of getting it done if you're not going to do it right? She was a regular plastic surgeon. You can PM me if you'd like-I can go on and on all day here but I have class now. Hope this helped!
  9. oh it is perfectly legal where i am (of course the other paitent was ok with it from the beginning kwim)
  10. How about asking people you go to for other beauty services? Hairdresser, beauty counter person, nail technician, botox/med spa technician. Or your doctor, dentist, etc.
  11. Thank you for all your help ladies! I actually found out someone at my work as gotten more than dozen procedures...and going to ask them who they go to b/c they look AMAZING!!!