How do I find out...

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  1. I haven't seen anything tbh, I would have thought if anything it would be heavily pushed at the Disney parks to attract the market going to Disney land as such :biggrin:
  2. Turkey is known for selling fakes ... I think it's fake. Look at MK logo ... it's horrible ...
  3. First I've heard of this. I have not run across any announcements of a collaboration. MK has released styles in Europe before they ever hit the states. And he has done special editions for specific stores or as European editions. Personally, I think it's ugly. I'm also not a big Disney memorabilia person.

    I agree. I think there are other Disney outlets for promoting this besides Turkey. Does Turkey even have a Disney Park?

    With only one picture, there isn't enough to determine if this is fake or not.
  4. No Disney park as I know but renowned for replicas on the markets.
  5. Yes, Turkey & other market places in the Middle East are know to be rampant for fakes. Anything with a Designer name should be authenticated before a purchase unless purchasing from that Designer's actual boutique.
  6. That looks so tacky.