How do i find out ...

  1. the prices of Chanel bags ??? Hello, i post mostly in LV but i'm very much interested in purchasing my first Chanel bag. I have gone on but there is no prices for any of the bags there. Is there a place on line where i could look up newest styles of Chanel bags and accesories and their cost. Forgive me for being clueless on this issue. Thank you and i love all of your wonderful posts here on beautiful world of Chanel.
  2. no, no where online other than here. Chanel doesn't sell online anywhere so there's very little info online about them.

    Your best bet is to browse our Reference Library, there's a TON of pics, colors, names and that way you can narrow it down and ask questions aboutnspecific bags if you like.

    Or describe to us what your ideal is.
  3. Thank you, i will look up some names of the ones i like and than ask you guys, i appreciate your help !
  4. You're welcome, I hope you find something you like!
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