How do I find out what is at the outlet right now?

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  1. I have a friend that is going and she said she'd pick up something for me but i have no idea what is there. Any help ladies?:confused1:
  2. You can call the one she is going to and ask if they have a certain one your looking for. If I'm not looking for anything specific, I just ask if they've gotten any boutique bags in. HTH!
  3. ^Exactly, all outlets carry different things so just ask what that one has. Hopefully the SA's will be knowledgable enough to tell you!
  4. Also under here many of us post what we've seen at particular outlets recently, etc. But I do agree, calling is the best bet. make sure you know the style number of what you are asking for because the SA's always ask for it (at least in my experience).