How do I find out the REAL manager of a Coach store

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  1. .... the person who is the top manager, not just one of the floor managers. I am still seething over my experience, and want to send a letter to the manager of the Galleria store. Thanks in advance of any info!
  2. Call and ask who the store manager is! There is a store manager, associate managers (fills the role or store if needed) and assistant managers.
  3. I posted in your other thread the phone number to customer service. Call them tomorrow and ask who the store manager is or the district manager.
  4. I would send directly to the following people and I would only 'CC' the store. OR if you send to the store and CC the people below, the store might respond better (knowing that the CEO and president of retail division have also been sent the letter).

    Mr. Lew Frankfort
    Chairman and Chief Exec. Officer
    Mr. Keith Monda
    Pres, Chief Operating Officer
    Mr. Michael F. Devine III
    Chief Financial Officer, Chief Accounting Officer and Sr. VP
    Mr. Reed Krakoff
    Pres of Exec. Creative Director
    Mr. Michael Tucci
    Pres of Retail Division - North America

    Also include "Customer retention department" as well.

    Good luck!
  5. I hope this gets resolved & the manager knows how big of a jerk Danny is!!