How do I find it???

  1. Hi I am new to this site and just joined with the hope to find this one special style of Marc Jacobs bag that I saw a few years ago. It seems to be perfect for me ... the one that I saw was a long (approx 16-18 inches), it was 6-8 inches high and about 4-6 inches deep. The 2 arm straps are about 9-10 inches high as to make it perfect to carry over the shoulder. This perticular model was a beautiful tan/whisky color with a purple suede interior. It had little pockets all over (which I think is perfect!!) the excterior and one on each end. Can anyone on this forum, that seems so much more savy it the names and styles than I, please tell me the name of this model, and also if it still available anywhere???? Thanks!!
  2. You should post this in the "name that bag" in the Marc Jacobs forum. There are some excellent members over there who might be able to help you.