How do I find a Squirrel Spy?

  1. I really want a squirrel spy bag....but how do you go and find one?!?! Also--in Canada-- is Holt Renfrew a trusted source? They described a gold/zucca spy--- which I have not seen on the list in this forum.
  2. put alot of nuts on your porch.

    j/k! thats one of my fave spys too! I hope you find one!
  3. Which one do you want? AFAIK, Holt-Renfrew is a fine place to buy designer goods. I think gold/zucca must mean what I have listed as the metallic zucca. I don't think it's really gold, but I guess it's a matter of interpretation.
  4. I am trying to find the red velvet or the black suede squirrel spy bag. But at this point--- I am willing to get ANY squirrel spy!! If you know of any places that might still carry them or how I can search for one, please share! I tried looking at the major departmenet store collections and there isn't anything for this season. Is there a particular season when the squirrel comes out to play?! :graucho:
  5. The black squirrel is more or less impossible to find, I had the Harrods manager do a world wide search for this bag and their is not one. You can get the red squirrel, I do not know where you live but Harrods send worldwide, I know Monica, the Fendi Manager at Harrods can get one of these or the denim one. Good Luck with your search
  6. thank you everyone for your responses --- keep on the lookout-- perhaps they will come out with another colorful squirrel spy int he near future!!!! i am also drooling over the Wisteria Couture collection--- fingers crossed that they will bring out another beautiful spy in the VERY near future!!! Lemme know if anyone comes across one, I wonder if it will be as beautiful as it looks in the pictures!!
  7. Thank you Bag-mania and Maryg1. I will check out those ones! If you spot anymore----KEEP ME INFORMED!! Much appreciated