how do i find a LV speedy 30 epi in mandarin?

  1. i love LV speedy 30 epi in mandarin. this will be my next bag, i am already planning for it. one problem, how do i find it?

    i went to the LV store, but they weren't too much help. they were sort of busy,and blew me off, i think they said i could do a custom bag, and it would take 6months+.

    i want to avoid eBay, it seems like such a headache.

    experts please advise...
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  3. I think if you want to buy it from the store your only option would be special order, the color was a limited edition and it's sold out.
  4. If you are in the US, call 1866 VUITTON and ask to see if there are any in the system for you to purchase (there may be!).

    If you are outside of the US, you could always try let-trade outside of eBay, they are extremely reputable and will be able to help you find one ! :yes:
  5. I saw one in brand new condition on eBay with BIN for $725 ( sorry can't remember the exact price ). It's by eBayer: " myhunny " They're a couple from Hawaii, try to contact them, good luck :smile: