How do I find a Hermes Lindy Rose Dragee??

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  1. I'd like to buy my first Hermes, but I have no idea how to find the correct color/style combination etc. They seem so hard to find! Any suggestions??

    Thank you!
  2. Are you near a boutique?
    Did you have any idea on colors? Blacks, browns, reds, blues? What's your wardrobe like? Dark, or colourful and varied? Casual jeans and t's, or professional office attire?
  3. As the spring approaches, you may be able to find one. Also ask your SA to do a search. I know this color did not sell well, so I think there is a high probability that you can find one in the boutiques. Good luck.
  4. i am on vacation right now and went to a few boutiques, they had the white lindy but im scared this will get dirty too easily!!

    i mostly wear jeans tanks.. i wanted a brighter color! i dont like the browns, blacks, or red.. maybe blue or pink or something.. i live in cali, so the closest stores to me are beverly hills and south coast plaza!
  5. There is one on sale on Market Place :smile:
  6. I'm sorry, I am a slow child....:smile: I didn't even see that you mentioned rose dragee in your title. :blush:

    When you get back home contact an SA to search one out for you. I'm sure there is one out there.

    What about Parchemin as another option?
  7. ooh ok thanks! i called the stores and they found one. yay!

    how come this color didnt sell well?? it looks so pretty!

    what is market place? i'd like to buy a new one, preferably.

    thanks everyone! this will be my first hermes!! :smile:
  8. congratulations, how exciting! :yahoo::yahoo: Please post pics when you get it. :yes:
  9. It's a gorgeous color IMO!
    Market Place is a place where invited members can sell their personal collection.

  10. I think people just had second thoughts. This color sold very well at my Alaskan boutique - actually too well for that matter.
  11. thanks for the suggestions everyone! the lady at the store called when they had the rose lindy come in.. i went to the store to look at it, and while i think its a very pretty color, i was still afraid it would get dirty easily.. so i ended up getting the lindy in blue! although i have no idea what the color is called... yay! my first one! :smile:
  12. Congratulations. Great way to start your collection.