How do I find a good hairdresser?

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  1. My cousin has always done my hair my whole life. The past few years, I've been getting highlights every 8-12 weeks and a trim every other time. I recently moved from FL to NC and have no clue how to look for a hairdresser.

    I needed a trim after I moved up here and it ended up awful. I just wandered around the mall and tried to find someplace that looked alright (there were three). I asked for like half an inch off to shape up my layers and it ended up being three inches in a blunt cut. She found a bald spot (which I got checked out by the do), but I was so freaked out I didn't even say that I didn't like it. Luckily, I went home a few weeks later and had my cousin fix it.

    Well, my highlights are starting to grow out. I am going to Las Vegas in a few weeks and would like to get a touch up before I go since I won't be going home for a few weeks later. And, my cousin has that time off so I really don't want to make her work just for me.

    How do I find someone that won't mess up my hair? I guess part of my problem is I knew my cousin would never mess it up. I could use stupid words like "more blonde and red" to describe what I wanted. When I used the same words with the haircut ("just trim up a bit off the layers") I was screwed. Can I say "see what I have? I want this again"? What do I look for in a salon?

    And don't suggest I ask someone who has nice hair where they get their hair done. I work from home and when I do go out and see my clients, trust me, I don't want any of their hair and they aren't in my area anyways. Everyone who I've asked in real life has suggested that. Hah.
  2. When you are out and about, if you see a woman whose haircut you really like, ask where she had it done. That's what I did when I moved. Interestingly, weeks apart, I saw two different women whose hair I loved, and they both had it cut at the same salon by the same stylist. I made the appointment, and she has been cutting my hair for seven years now!
  3. ^^:roflmfao: Im sorry, I had to laugh. She said not to suggest that haha!

    Have you tried MySpace? I know its weird, but I found an amazing stylist on there. He has pictures of his work and they all looked fabulous. Maybe google hairstylists in your area, a lot of hairdressers will have examples of their work.
  4. I found a great hairstylist by looking on in my area. Myspace is also a great idea!
  5. --Ooops, I'm an idiot, LOL, I skimmed the post and didn't read carefully, haha my bad!
  6. I had the same problem when I moved to Key west...I started looking at womens hair everywhere I went. In the grocery store, just shopping in general and I asked women where they got their haircut if I liked it! I found the best haridresser EVER!!! He moved away after 4 years and I had to do it again, luckily I found someone I like even more! ASK ASK ASK....word of mouthe is everything!
  7. thanks guys, I will try citysearch and myspace! honestly, I really haven't seen anyone's hair I like enough to ask. I see more bad haircuts than good. so I will try those two!!
  8. haha no you're not an idiot! I sometimes just skim through posts and end up doing the same thing. It was just funny to me that you were the very first post. I hope you didnt take it the wrong way, my crude humor gets me in trouble sometimes lol.
  9. I chose a stylist to cut my it based off city search reviews. It was the first time really cutting my hair, so I was scared ,but his reviews were too awesome to pass up. My hair cut was fantastic!!

    Good luck!
  10. Go to a salon and be up front with them and say to the owner or receptionist, "Can you suggest a stylist who knows how to cut hair and won't get scissor-happy? I am very picky." And before you get anything done, have them give you a consultation and ask them to tell you exactly what will be done. I also agree to check online first to find a reputable salon.
  11. how about yelp? dont do citysearch - the stylists there write their own reviews.
  12. ^^ Really?! Yeah I can see that happening with some. After my guy did my hair he did kindly ask that I write a review on city search.
  13. ^^ yea i've seen sooo many fake reviews on citysearch. my current hair dresser (if you are in LA/OC you NEED to see CHRIS at Splitends). Anyways he said the old salon he worked at was able to pay citysearch $200 to remove the bad reviews! sketchy!
  14. ^^ whoa! sketchy indeed. And not fair to consumers who think they are getting real/unbiased reviews. :tdown:
  15. I suggest yelp, that's where I found mine and I love her to death