How do I figure out what colors I should wear?

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  1. I have always been told to just try it on and see what makes my skin glow and what makes it look pale. But I have tried so many different colors and I simply can't figure it out. Everything looks the same if you ask me. I'm just not very good at things like that. Any pointers to how I can figure out what colors I should wear?
  2. We need more info if were going to help you! First of all, whats your hair, eye, and skin color?
  3. I can't figure out how to insert a photo. But I have dark brown hair, green eyes and my skin is... hmmm... average?
  4. what color undertones to you have? pink, blue, yellow, olive?
  5. Trial and error worked for me. This is how I found out I look better in warm colours, but I still prefer to wear black lol.
  6. Go shopping with a friend who will be honest with you? If you can't figure it out, you might just be able to wear any color and be fine :smile: It means no color is obviously washing you out, or making your skin look more yellow or orange.
  7. ^^ this is a great tip.
    I also have dark hair, green eyes and average skin and olive green looks best on me (and grey, black & red)

    good luck!!
  8. I'll give you 4 groups of colours and you decide which colours bring out the best of your skintone...:yes:

    Gp1: black, pure white, emerald, true red, royal blue, pine green (think jewel-tones and contrasting bright colours)

    Gp2: soft white, rose-pinks, lavender, mauve, blue-greens, dove grey (think soft, muted shades)

    Gp3: brown, tangerine, earth-tones, terracotta, forest green, coffee (think rich warm tones like in autumn)

    Gp4: ivory, camel, peach, salmon, lime green, periwinkle (think light, warm tones)

    The right colour groups brighten yr complexion and make you look less sallow. You'll need to put these colours near yr face to determine which is yr colour gp...

  9. I have no idea how to figure that out.

  10. Thanks. I really feel like no specific colors make my skin look bad. But it's so hard for me to look in the mirror with all kinds of different colors, because I feel I look the same no matter if I'm wearing black, white, yellow, pink, blue etc.