How do i export my newly purchased Birkin back home from Europe?

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  1. Hello everyone,

    i have a question about getting my newly purchased birkin on plane back home from my Europe trip.

    I was lucky that i got hold of a birkin at Hermes Luxembourg 2 days ago and was so excited to get my tax free at the airport when i go home this weekend. But when i got back to my hotel, I suddenly realized that the box is HUGE! there is no way I can carry the whole package on plane. But if i don't carry it on plane, i can't get my tax back, which is just slightly less than 700 euro. What should i do??

    i've heard that in Hermes Paris, you can ask them to export if for u, and u just have to paid for the insurance and shipping. is it true? is it the same practise everywhere? I called the Hermes Luxembourg, but the staff that answered didn't know about the policy and so she would need to get me back on that.

    Please help me because I am going back home this weekend. Thank you very much!!! xoxoxo
  2. Just take the bag out of the box and carry bag only on the plane with you (you can keep it inside the sleeper bag to protect it).
  3. I don't know how they arrange the tax free in Luxemburg, but when I got my Chanel in Paris, I went to detaxe first, showed them my bag, then got my papers. The bag then went in my luggage, and that was that.
    In retrospect, I should have carried it. But it did get home safely.

    By the way, congrats on the Birkin! What did you get?
  4. Get the bag out of the box and carry it with you. If you want to keep the box for storage I'd suggest you get the hotel to mail it to your home address.
  5. I second that absolutely the best way of doing it!
  6. ^^I agree with the above as well, safe choice.
  7. I agree with little H....when I travel overseas I always pack my good bags in carry on only. Ship the box.
  8. Thank you everyone~~~~:yes:

    i think i will carry the birkin with the protective bag and send the box separately. I actually bought this for my mum (but i'll use it whenever i've got the chance, hahaha:P), so i hope the box get home in good shape.

    to reply Rose100, i got a 35" birkin taurillon clemence in a colour that look like deep green or beige, can't really tell...the sales said it's a new colour. here is the bag:


  9. Its lovely congrats!
  10. What a beautiful bag! I agree with all the other posters - pack and send your large orange box and bag stuffing, etc. and post to your home address. Then carry your bag in its sleeper with you onto the plane. That way you also avoid getting stung by customs when you arrive at your destination as it doesn't look so much like a "new" purchase!
  11. Your bag is stunning. Congrats! TY for asking this question, becuase I have always wondered how you do this myself. :shame:
  12. the box will fit the airplane storage. I took mine, a 35 as well, on the plane with the box.:smile:
  13. thank you very much.:yahoo:

  14. thank you very much:yahoo:

  15. thank you very much:yahoo: