How do I escalate it to a Paypal claim?

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  1. I bought items over a month ago but within the 45 day limit, and have not received them. I just opened a Paypal dispute. It says I can resolve the dispute with the seller until a certain date, by which the dispute would automatically close.

    I would like to escalate it to a claim rather than try resolving with the seller which I already have done in private emails outside Paypal. I'm sick and tired of waiting, seller has not responded to my countless questions on shipping date, seemed to be evasive. How do I do it today? Or is there a time frame to wait to get a claim started? I can't get my bank to do a chargeback because I have already exceeded their 30 day limit.
  2. Oh no, I'm sorry to hear about your credit card and the time limit. I hope PayPal comes through for you.

    In your PayPal dispute resolution center is where the escalation would take place.
  3. How do I escalate it from open dispute to a claim? I can't seem to find the button, or do I have to wait and Paypal will automatically switch it to a claim?
  4. I'm not quite sure exactly where or how to do it, as I have only had to go through the claim process once, back in May 2006!

    Maybe another PFer knows how to escalate.
  5. Ok I found the button, have to go back to account summary, resolution center, click on the dispute, then click around some more. Escalating button wasn't easy to find.
  6. ^^You have been very patient, if that was me, I would have opened the dispute 2 weeks ago! Good luck with that!
  7. hopefully you win your claim!
  8. keep us up to date - am going through a dispute myself and i know how stressful it can be ... if you need any advice, just PM me ...
  9. yeah paypal tend to hide any inforamtion that would be helpful to anybody.

    Sometimes its hard to see who paypal should be faithful to?
  10. Paypal is faithful to ebay and vice versa. They're a marriage made in heaven, consummated in hell.

    Update: Paypal is giving seller 1 week to respond, if time lapses, Paypal will rule the dispute in my favor. So it says on the website. I don't know how firmly Paypal will adhere to it or do I have to keep chasing Paypal for outcome? Keeping my fingers crossed that seller isn't a sadistic loon that keeps me waiting all week only to respond at the last minute! :cursing: