How do I end an auction?

  1. I have a bracelet listed and it ends in 8 hrs. But I just realized that there is a crack I didn't notice before.
    I don't have any bids.
    How can I end this so I can relist later with new pics?
    (I have some watchers and I am scared someone will be in the last few minutes)
  2. You just have to go the right of your listing on the "my eBay" page and pick end this auction...
  3. I think if you have 12 hours left then you can end it.
  4. As long as there are no bids you can end it early right up to the end. If you have bidders, you can only end it up to 12 hours before the auction is scheduled to end.
  5. It is under the options next to the listing on your selling page... I would be sure when it is relisted to explain why it was pulled so those that were watching don't think anything fishy happened. JMO
  6. Thanks all - I just ended it and I'll relist with an explation and more pics- usually those who were watching will get an email saying it's been relisted.
  7. Thanks for this info, I've wondered as well!:smile: