How do I edit a post / thread

Aug 31, 2006
Two questions...1) once I have posted a new thread how do I update it (as in updating for Showcase)? I want to add new photos to my existing post. 2) how do I contact a mod? Thank you in advance for enlightening me!


Jan 12, 2006
You may click on any of our names. . . actually if it's Bag Showcase related you can only contact a few of us, the Admins, Megs and Vlad or me, Cristina, Amanda or Prada's Meadow. Our names are at the
bottom of every page, just click on our name and send a PM.

Have you already submitted a thread to Bag Showcase?
To add more pics, just respond to your own thread.
You may only edit a post for a short time after you post it.

Prada Psycho

Jul 21, 2006
I typed "sandal" when I mean "scandal" in the title of my thread on the TV forum re: Project Runway. It's too late for me to fix it with my meager powers. Could one of the mods pop over and fix it, purty paaalease? :tender:


King Louis' Mistress
Aug 8, 2006
Ah-hah! The edit button should be there when you initially make a post, but...

"The administrator has specified that you can only edit messages for 15 minutes after you have posted. This limit has expired, so you must contact the administrator to make alterations on your message."


Oct 12, 2006
I would like to humbly request that Your Most Serene and Awesome Wizardness consider increasing the edit window time.

Advances in Forum technology, and probably also advances in the technology of sitemeter, et al mean terrific improvements in many areas, and for almost all users.

However, we who whose honor it is to share the rich tapestry of tradition that is the Proud Dial-Up Peasantry Community, especially that wee and admittedly querulous minority who are blessed with ownership of Venerable Authentic Estate Sale Quality computers, all that progress means an impact on page load time, even page load occurrence, which in turn, means that the editing window has sometimes elapsed by the time we are able to get to the editing window, even if we notice our typos (which slipped through the cracks even though we really do use preview) almost immediately.

I would humbly request that there not be an edit window time at all, but I assume that its presence is a testament not only to the august and considerable wisdom of Wizardly judgment, but also an indication that past experience may have directed its existence in the first place, which I fully comprehend, though usually one sees that kind of thing more often in forums that are not fashion-focused, and so I shake my head, sigh, of course, and murmur "sad, really sad," as I contemplate the probable reality that someone, sometime, would actually abuse the edit window in the course of a discussion on the relative merits of different face creams, purse organizers, or whether a particular top would look slutty if the wearer carried a taupe clutch.

But maybe the window could be expanded just a smoosh without significantly increasing the likelihood of abuse?