How do I edit a post once it is posted? How do I contact a mod?

  1. Two questions...1) once I have posted a new thread how do I update it (as in updating for Showcase)? I want to add new photos to my existing post. 2) how do I contact a mod? Thank you in advance for enlightening me!
  2. You may click on any of our names. . . actually if it's Bag Showcase related you can only contact a few of us, the Admins, Megs and Vlad or me, Cristina, Amanda or Prada's Meadow. Our names are at the
    bottom of every page, just click on our name and send a PM.

    Have you already submitted a thread to Bag Showcase?
    To add more pics, just respond to your own thread.
    You may only edit a post for a short time after you post it.