How do I contact Ebay

  1. Hi I need some help, I need to contact eBay Customer Services I have sent them 2 emails which they have not replied to, is there any way I can actually speak to someone directly. I know there use to be a phone number :confused1:but I cannot find it anywhere now.
    Any help would be really gratefully received.:yes:
  2. u need to reach a certain level to be able to use a toll free number...that what i heard...:tup:
  3. I not sure that they have a phone number any more.:confused1:
    I'm sure if you used the Live Help:

    Then if they could not actually help you then, they may have a Phone # to give to you.

    I hope this helps.


  4. Thank so much the Live Help may have sorted the problem out for me.
  5. There IS a telephone number available but you have to be on some "special" lists of theirs. You also have to be invited to use the number. Everytime I call, they ask for my ID and they check something in their system before I can go any further. They also emailed us and asked us to not pass the number out.