How do I confront....

  1. ...the owner of the dog who bit my dog??? :crybaby:

    We're not talking nibble either. I was absolutely STUNNED as I witnissed this miniature pinscher CHOMP OFF THE TIP of my minpin's precious ear!!!!!! :wtf: I've been pretty hysterical all day, but calmed down after I took her to the emergency vet.. luckily she only needs antibiotics now. My question to you all is, how should I confront the owner of the other (beastly) dog?? I've never been very confrontational, which only leaves me feeling regretful every time. A part of me just wants to tape the vet bill to their door! :cursing:

    Any input would be appreciated. Thanks ladies.
  2. ^do you know the owner on a personal level, or was it a stranger at a dog park, etc??

    I don't blame you for being hysterical...

    one time when my femal Chi was like 6 months old, I took her to Puppy Playtime at a local pet store...there was a dog trainer there along with the owners to supervise the whole thing.

    This one puppy who was extremely aggressive (even at 5 months old!!) WENT AFTER my little girl to ATTACK her.

    If I had not been standing there and scooped her out of harms way, she would have been severely injured.

    I was so furious...I got out of the enclosed play area and hysterically demanded to talk to a manager. I explained to him the situation and the dog trainer on duty almost got fired.

    If my dog would have been hurt in any way, they would have had to do alot more for me than give me an apology. I am normally not a litigous person, but if something happened to one of my dogs, there would be hell to pay.

    **Rant over**LOL

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do. I would def. suggest contacting an attorney if the people do not pay the vet bills for you.
  3. Wow. Hugs to you and the pup! I would just take the bill to them and be as courteous and firm as possible. Were they there when the dog attacked? I'm assuming they knew what happened? Best of luck!!:flowers:
  4. I would in the very least inform the dog owner of what happened, and inquire whether something like this has happened before, or if he is normally a bitey dog because clearly he should be on a leash and looked after. Make sure the owner knows the seriousness of the situation.
  5. You and your poor puppy!!

    Now that the trauma is over, try and calmly prepare what you will say. Keep it simple, don't offer explanations beyond what you have to, and stay focused on your goal: getting the money for the vet (?) and/or asking the dog owner to keep their dog until control in the future (?).

    Good luck best wishes to you and your pup!!!

    (I hate irreesponsible dogs owners!!! They ruin it for the rest of us!!! :mad:)
  6. ^^agree. Was the owner of the other dog around when this happened? I would definitely say something and show them the bill for the vet. Stay calm and good luck. I am glad that your pup only needed anitbiotics.
  7. Thanks for the responses, every single one of you. I am SO grateful for all of you and tPF! :heart: I'm very sorry to read about your unfortunate experiences too, Couturegrl.. and I agree 100%, it only takes a few irresponsible dog owners to ruin things!!

    The owner, my neighbor, was there and witnessed the entire thing. However, their english isn't very good (I believe they are Russian?) and I all got was a "So sorry.. so sorry" Grr!!! :mad: I will definitely take your advices and let them know what's up!

    Nothing dampens my puppy's mood, though; she's been romping around like nothing's wrong, and here I was worried sick she'd be traumatized. Dogs are miraculous animals, aren't they? :heart:
  8. WOW!!!! I can not believe that!! I have 2 minpins and they are sweethearts...protective of me but not in a mean way...KWIM? Plus they LOVE other minpins!! I would for sure let them know what happened. Do your best to stay calm if you can...Im not sure if I could but I always find its easier and more productive when dealing with high emotional situations. Will your dogs ear be okay?? I can not belive a chunk was taken out! OUCH. Poor pup! Let us know what happens.
  9. Best wishes for what happens!! Def. keep us posted!
  10. Such an awful thing to happen! The thing is if they are your neighbour, wouldn't it only be responsible to offer to pay any vet bills and come by to inquire after your dog? English-speaking or not, this is basic manners and courtesy.
  11. I would make sure that the dog's up to date on vaccines. I'm not sure if Rabies is a big deal in your state (it is in TX), but even if you'r dog's current I would ask the owners when the last vacc was given. Sorry about the incident though, I would bite the owner :smile:
  12. Haha, you guys are cute.

    Well, as an update, I have confronted the owners.. and am convinced the number of decent human beings on the earth are dwindling. The owner (who was there at the incident) had the AUDACITY to say (with undeserved attitude!!), "I give you $50.. or you can go to police, take to court." And they closed the door. :cursing: Um, I'm sorry, your $50 just barely covers her re-check up. I did end up going to the police in the attempt to file a police report, but was then told that the dog was merely "protecting its owner." Wow. I told the cop that it wasn't even about the vet bills anymore, that I just needed the owners to know that what had happened was simply, not okay. It is NOT okay to have your over-aggressive dog parading around the neighborhood and when an incident happens, expect that your apology will cover all the consequences!!!!!! I understand that dogs are dogs, but where is your common and moral decency??? I am beyond disgusted. :yucky:

    Okay, rant over. Thanks for listening/reading.. I hope this never happens to any of you and your beloved companions. :crybaby: :censor: :mad: :rant:
  13. EEekkkk!!!! I'm sorry this happened to you! Something similar happened to me:
    I was walking my 2 year old Beagle down on his daily walk... halfway down, we see a loose Chow... he approaches us, my dog turns, starts barking madly... and the damn Chow was going to bite his behind! I pulled my dog away, and the Chow only got a chance to bite a little... so I ran back with my dog, called the cops, and explained what happened. Later that day, the owner came over, apologizing because her dog was loose, and if my dog needed to go to the vet, she'd pay for it. Luckily, that wasn't necessary.

    I hope it all works out for you. :smile:
  14. agreed. with the vet bill post too.

    but stay calm, reasonable, and get your point across succinctly. does the other owner even know this happened?