How do I close a Paypal account?

  1. I opened an ebay account and a paypal account last month because I was going to sell my Stam. I ended up selling my Stam to an acquaintance but kept the accounts open in case I wanted to sell anything.

    But now I have just heard so many awful ebay stories and paypal stories that I want no part of it. I only buy things I love anyway,and if I'm tired of things I'd rather give them away than get involved with crooks.

    How do I close an ebay and a paypal account,please?
  2. If you search the "Help" pages on ebay and paypal there should be instructions. It's very easy. :idea:

  3. Good idea to close your paypal account if you only opened it for a specific transaction. Otherwise, you may forget about it and people will hack in. My paypal account was hacked in one time, and someone transferred $2,000 out of my account (which was investigated and returned, thankfully).
  4. OMG! So glad you got the $ back. This has happened to me before too.
    Thank goodness this last time (just 2 weeks ago) it was 3 small amounts. I just faxed over my paper work to the bank today. :mad:
  5. UH..Just closed pissed ......Calling bank now...
  6. Whoa. I was just about to open an account, but forget it now! I cant risk it X_x
  7. This is even scarier people!!! Can they just hack into your paypal account,or into your linked bank account too? :amazed: :unsure: :oh:

    Off there right now to close!!!
  8. If someone figures out how to close the account, could you please show me how? I tried to play around with the "Help" button on the website, but there are no relevant questions popped up after the search... :shame:
  9. Yikes! That's scary. I think I might go check and see if everything is ok with mine.
  10. Here is how you close a pp account:

    Click my account tab
    click the profile sub tab
    click the close account link in the account info column
    click continue
    click close account to continue.
  11. I have just closed Paypal,but I'm afraid i won't be able to tell anyone how because it was very hard...I just clicked around more and more desperately until I had to tell them in 5 different ways to close the account.

    Scarlett thanks for the info above.

    Do you know how to close an Ebay account please? i can't find anything under "help" either. or under "My Ebay",or anywhere else for that matter :sad:.
  12. Your welcome. I'll see if I can find how to close an ebay account.
  13. Thank you Scarlett for your helpful directions for closing the PayPal account! I just did it and feel so much better. :lol:

    Also thanks for everyone that responded and for Quirky to bring up the topic in the first place! ;)
  14. I can't seem to find anything on how to close an ebay account. You might want to contact live help and see if they have any info.
  15. Thanks hun!!! I've sent a message to Customer Services and they've sent me an email...I have to send them an email from the address I'm using for the account and they'll close it. Like Paypal,they would like to know why I am closing it.

    I'll keep it short..."Not using account and don't plan to either".:lol: