how do i clean the coach jewelry?

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  1. i have noticed that a couple of my coach earrings and bracelets are not as shinny as they use to be what can i use to clean them?
  2. If they are sterling silver the outlets normally have silver cleaning cloths (which somehow I managed to get one of!!) that they could use on your item for you.
  3. Use a silver polishing can get them from any jewelers for the silver(even Walmart sells them, and regular polishing cloths too). For all the costume jewelry I'd just use a soft cloth.
    There's not much you can do if the gold/silver tone is fading on your costume pieces though. I'm not sure if you could send them in to be re-finished, I doubt it, but there's no harm phoning Coach to ask.
  4. If it is gold plated, be careful with your dips and may wear off the plating.