How do I clean Python Leather Bag?

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    I'm wondering whether anyone knows how to clean Bottega Python & Snake skin bags? My bags are looking so dirty and I'm afraid if I use leather cleaner it will damage the color?

    Help please...
  2. hi bellezee, I remember when I got the python duette, my SA told me not to use any cleaner or chemicals on it. actually they don't recommend customers using any sort of cleaner on any type of leather, not just python... so I just bring my bags back to the store for "a spa" every once in a while. it's free of charge anyway (but I'm not sure if it's only in HK or what).

    however, even if you send the bags to the store for cleaning, it doesn't mean they must be able to get rid of the stains (such as denim transfer). if there's a BV shop near you, maybe you should let them see what they can do about it. good luck!
  3. I use DYO to condition them. I cannot say they are dirty, and the DYO is to keep them moisturized, but when I use it, it also removes some "deposits" as the soft cloth looks "dirty" when finished. I use this on all my exotics and have never had a problem or discoloration. Here is the link:
  4. Hi Baggiana, may I know if you're using the reptile conditioner or also using the leather conditioner for the python bags? Thanks. :flowers:
  5. Hi shopaholic&baby! I juse the reptile conditioner only. I use it on all my exotics - both light and dark colored, though I must admit that I have not had to use it on my python duette - because I do not wear it often... just the right amount. I will do that later this summer. I just did a Nancy Gonzalez python tote of very light color and it looks the same. If you are concerned, just try a little on a very inconspicuous part like the bottom. I wipe on gently (using clean t-shirt material) in the direction of the nap of the scales. Allow it to dry and then wipe it off in the same direction with a clean cloth. It is a very easy process. I do this all the time on python, croc, alligator, lizard and ostrich... even some of my nappa. Be careful, though, because the scales on this bag are very large and soft... never lift the scales.
  6. Ok- I just ran downstairs to test my ciment python duette... worked on the strap - and also my armatura python knot hobo which also has very large scales. No problem with either... no staining or discoloring no removal of color, no dulling... they feel like they have just been moisturized without leaving a layer of anything on them. In both cases my cloth was clean, probably be cause they were not really "dirty." Of all my python bags, I wear the armatura and the NG tote the most really because you can wear them in the winter and they seem appropriate. (I do not like to wear when it rains... I have heard that this will ruin your bag though I have never had the occasion to test it.)

    I would still test a small section on yours first before you commit, but I have never had any problems. Good luck!
  7. Hi,
    My husband wears python boots. He has been buying them over and over for the padt 18years. They don't really get dirty, but they do 'yellow' over time. We have tried to prevent that to no avail.
  8. I have used DYO reptile conditioner/cleaner (very smelly, use in a ventilated area!) as well as Saphir lotion.

    Python scales are made of the same material as fingernails and it is important to keep them conditioned so they do not peel and crack.

    The boutique can always take the bag to be treated of you do not feel comfortable doing it yourself.
  9. Thank you all for the advice. I shall order one and ty it out! :smile: