How do I clean MC bags?

  1. My white isn't white anymore. Any tips? I've tried using leather cleaner but it's not really leather. Also tried rubbing mr clean over it but nothing =( Any tips? Any idea how much it'll cost to replace a side panel of the mini HL?
  2. A damp sponge should do the trick. Or a baby wipe!:idea:
  3. It is the Mini HL? If it has discolored, you can't clean it.
  4. It's a little difficult to see but it looks like it got some vachetta transfferred onto the bag.
    DSC01078.JPG DSC01079.JPG DSC01081.JPG
  5. Er my camera's white balance is being weird.. Anyways anyone any information about color transfers onto the MC? i'll try to take another pic to show it
    DSC01082.JPG DSC01083.jpg
  6. Sinc ei can't clean it. How much does it cost for me to have the sides replaced?
  7. That is a defect. You should return it to LV for a credit.
  8. What do you mean by a defect?
  9. I don't know, it looks a little bit like it could be sun damage???? If so, then you can't clean that. You'd have to get it replaced. Call your closest LV and see what they say. Good luck!
  10. the vachetta shouldn't transfer on to your mc canvas~
  11. LV had a problem with certain white MC Mini HL, keepalls and speedy's. The glue under the white canvas would bleed thru at the edges. LV fixed this in later production runs. So by defect, I mean LV made a manufacturing mistake so you should return it to LV for store credit.
  12. Oh okay, I'll give it a try. Hopefully I'll be able to go later today. =) Thanks!
  13. True!!! They will give you a new bag!!!!
    I got a NEW SPEEDY after having it for 1 year..
    because of the defect...