How do I choose?

  1. We went back to my local store today to see if the Lopard scarves were in (not, but my SA is going to give us a call when it is) and my Mom said she will get me another LV as a Christmas present. So I am trying to decide now. LOL.

    I know I want a shoulder bag.

    I have narrowed it down to the Tulum PM or the Hudson GM. But then I also saw a Chloe I liked too (I don't have a Chloe yet). Decisions decisions!! I do tend to like the slouchier bags which the Tulum seems to do, but I love the adjustable strap on the Hudson (the Tulum GM was just tooo huge for me).

    So which would you choose? Or suggest I look at?

    My current collection is all Mono, Speedy 30, small agenda, Koala wallet, perfo Cles, and mini Ellipse.
  2. I love the Hudson GM! I hope you go for that one!
  3. Tulum PM ! It's such a cute shape. And how nice, for your mom to let you pick out a gift already. Hopefully it'll come early as well. :graucho:
  4. Tulum PM
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