How do I cancel a BIN on my listing

  1. I just had my prada bag listing on ebay BINd by someone with a feedback rating of 0 and 50% postive. Both of those violate my qualified bidding requirement stated in the listing. How do I cancel the transaction without being exposed to negging by the buyer? She has not paid yet, so please let me know ASAP.
  2. Once someone has clicked BIN, they've entered in to a contract...all you can do is wait for the stipulated time recommended by Ebay, which is 7 days - if she then doesn't pay up you can re-list your item, report the buyer to Ebay and claim back your fees.

    In the meantime, try emailing her and getting her contact details from Ebay - and find out what is going on.

    Sorry this happened...and good luck.:smile:
  3. Thanks Chiky.

    Do I have to wait 7 days if my auction states that I will relist if payment isn't received in 3?
  4. Unfortunately, per Ebay policy, you have to wait 7 days before you can file anything against a buyer to get your fees back. You could go ahead & relist it at your own discrection but I'm not sure if Ebay would reimburse your fees. I always ask for payment in 3 days too & when I have a non-paying bidder, I hate having to wait the full 7 knowing they aren't going to pay. Good luck!
  5. I thought you and the buyer can mutually agree to not finish the transaction? I had that happen where a buyer with 0 feedback won my LV bag and she didnt realize it and couldnt pay. Check the site map. I was given a credit for my fees and I was still able to leave her feedback. I did not have to wait 7 days, we did it immediately after the auction ended. It all worked out great and I relisted and sold the bag.
  6. Hi Deco, Yes if you and the buyer mutually agree you can end the transaction otherwise you have to wait 7 days which is a pain.
  7. Thanks for your help Donna, Saich and acegirl. I've just looked closer into the buyer's feedback, and its postive feedback comes with "?????" as the only comment, and the associated listing has been pulled. The other feedback is negative accompanied by an alarming warning in Italian, and I think it says something about stolen accounts. I don't expect I will hear from this buyer, and in any event don't want to sell or ship even if I get paid. I don't trust this buyer and think I will have more trouble if I complete the transaction even after payment is received.

    What to do?
  8. Oh boy, that doesn't sound good. Be careful, you might get some request from them to pay with some bogus counterfeit money order scam. Contact them now and tell them they didn't meet the buyer requirements for your listing and ask to mutually cancel the transaction, or just wait the 7 days then file a NPB for your fees back. IF they do pay, just refund their payment saying they did not meet the buyer requirements... A lot of those scammer IDs have all those ?????? FBs.
  9. Good idea Pewter, it sounds like even if they do pay you, you are likely to have more problems saying they did not meet your requirements is a good way to go.