how do i buy safely from the marketplace?

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  1. If I want to purchase a bag from someone who doesn't have feedback yet what's the best way to insure I'm not getting ripped off--I don't want to send $ via paypal into a void, what if i don't get the bag or get some other thing--even if the person has several hundred posts, i'm still wary. I got scammed on eBay once so i'm very cautious. do people use escrow?
  2. Paypal does give you certain protections as a buyer. Also, some of the people who have purses for sale here have eBay IDs, so you could look at that feedback and get some idea of who they are. I haven't seen anyone use escrow here, although someone may have. But, it doesn't seem set up for that. There's escrow available through eBay. But, I haven't seen that many people use it there either unless they have no eBay track record. Good luck!
  3. You can ask if the Seller has an eBay ID and check her feedback there. . . but just like eBay, our Marketplace should only be used at your own risk. We merely provide the platform.

    eta:^ooops, didn't read hers first, we said the same thing!
  4. have there been any problems?
  5. Hi, where is the marketplace?
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