How do I buy a Birkin?

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  1. Hello!

    Though I've never posted before, I am a regular reader of the Purse Blog and an occasional lurker on this forum;) . I've cycled through many different handbag designers. At the moment, I favor Bottega and Nancy Gonzalez for the fine craftmanship and the absence of logos. Now, I covet an Hermes Birkin:heart: . I've spent some time reading through the Hermes threads educating myself about the brand.

    My *question* - do I simply walk into my local Hermes boutique (mine would be King of Prussia, PA) and place an order?? Does anyone here have any experience dealing with the King of Prussia shop? I'm by no means a regular customer, just a few bracelets & scarves over the years. My sense is that the process (buying an Hermes bag) is vaguely similar to waiting on a queue outside a posh nightclub hoping the bouncer will pick me and let me in. Will the Sales Assistant deem me wothy? LOL. Still, I'm intimidated. Any guidance on how best to proceed would be greatly appreciated:smile:

    Thank you!
  2. From what I understand, it's very hard to get a Birkin that way. Most members build up a relationship with an SA by purchasing small items and visiting the store frequently and hopefully you'll catch one, be offered one in the back, or be offered to place a SO.
  3. It depends on the SA. Some people don't have too spend much money on the smaller items before being offered a birkin. Others do. At my store, I purchased a kelly and from then on, I could pretty much get what I want. Whatever you do, don't go in asking about the birkins. Just kind of work up to that slowly. Show your knowledge of Hermes so they know you aren't just into the birkins as so many people are in society. :smile:
  4. Same thing happened to me. I bought a Kelly on my first visit and got a buy a Birkin on my second visit. It really does depend on the SA. I kinda went into the store interested in buying a bag, not any one style in particular. I do have a great relationship with my SA now and make it a point to go in about once a month and buy something.
  5. Thank you so much for your advice! I'm glad I checked with you all before waltzing in to my local Hermes store asking for a Birkin. I'm in no rush, so I'll have to stop in and shop every now and then. Maybe I'll get lucky!

    Thanks again!
  6. im also looking to buy a birkin too! im in london, such a hard place to build a good relationship with an Hermes SA here. ll keep trying! :sad:
  7. There's always eBay if you want one right away ... just make sure you get it authenticated on these threads first -- as everyone knows fakes are rampant on eBay!
  8. Lori, but aren't the asking prices on ebay (for new & authentic) greatly inflated? I would love to know what the mark up is for that instant gratification? I can see paying 10-15% above retail but beyond that... no.
  9. Talia,

    KoP is my "home" Hermes. In 5+ years I have never seen a Birkin on the floor. I have bought many items from them and I am still waiting. You can go in and order one, but it will be a long wait. They are going to POdium soon, if not this week so you would have to wait till the summer to have your oreder put in. I have been waiting for 3 years for mine. I do know people who have gotten calls for them when they come in, but these folks shop at the store often.

    They occasionally have Kellys on the floor. They have had a 25 cm cyclamen one for awhile.

    It is best to get to know the manager or assistant manager at KoP as they seem to have alot of turnover there.
  10. *Gulp* Still waiting after three years? Is that typical? I was thinking, a year, tops. Sounds pretty bleak:sad: . I could kick myself: several years ago, my husband was retained by the owner (confused about this - is ownership similar to a franchise arrangement??) of that particular shop (not sure if he still owns it) and he asked whether I was interested in a handbag. I foolishly passed. Ugh!:push:
  11. Talia,

    I think it would be typical if you do not shop there alot. It's such a small store that they do not get the same amount of inventory as NYC or DC. If your husband "knows" the owner, you might have more pull than the rest of us.:shrugs:
  12. Tallia,
    Please keep us updated as I really would like to know the status!
  13. Of course:smile: However, I have no illusions. I have quite a wait ahead of me!

    Quinn's Mom wrote: "If your husband "knows" the owner, you might have more pull than the rest of us.:shrugs:"

    "Knew" the owner is more accurate, and it was at least two years ago, possibly three. That window of opportunity is likely gone by now.

    Thanks to all those who responded!!:smile:
  14. taliaferro--I'm a new to this forum--and KoP
    would be my home Hermes boutique as well.
    I've never been.

    Any updates since you last posted here?
  15. Nope. I've been trolling ebay but no luck due to the excessive mark ups or authenticity questions. The Purse Forum Marketplace seems like a safe bet and perhaps if and when I qualify for that privilege, I'll find a previously owned Birkin in that forum.