How do I buy a Belen Echandia LM mini in Chocolate???????

  1. Ive read about the bag on here but where the heck do I buy it???? Its not on BE's site, nor is it on Museten's.

    I really want this bag, I think it is the perfect brown bag!
  2. I think the girls on the other thread said they need to have 3 girls want it before Jackie would have the order put through.

    Like with some colors it would have to be ordered and there has to be enough of an interest for her to make an order.
  3. Gung....Happy New Year!!!! I see you've been bitten by the BE bug!!! Yay!!!!!

    I believe Painted is right....Jackie needs at least 3 orders of the chocolate... you can try emailing her via her website...also, try MuseTen....They're amazing!

    Knowing you love wine....I know BE has a glossy wine leather that's TDF!!!!!!