how do i bust through a plateau?

  1. as some of you might remember, i've been on a diet all summer and have lost 23.4 pounds. when i went to my weight watchers meeting last week, my weight hadn't changed, and i've been weighing myself all week and it doesn't seem to be budging. i think this is one of those dreaded plateaus that they always talk about at the meetings - you just stop losing weight for a while, even if you stick perfectly to your diet. i haven't been 100% perfect, but i never am, and my previous weight loss had been quick and consistant.

    so my question is, how do i bust out of this plateau? should i just keep doing what i'm doing and wait for my body to catch up, or should i go back to eating normally for a few weeks to give my body a break from the weight loss? or should i make my already-strict diet more strict and hope that my body pays attention? i know there's probably not much of anything i can do, but i figured i'd see if anyone else out there had had a similar weight loss experience and could give me some tips or at least some moral support! it's so frustrating to keep doing the things that have always worked and not see any progress.
  2. The only way I know how is to try and shake it up a bit. Maybe you could get yourself some hand weights and trying doing some lunges, curls, etc just to help the dieting along. I've begun doing that, and while I haven't lost any weight, I'm getting stronger and i know more muscle means more calories being burned at rest.
    Mostly what I'm saying is...I have no idea. lol
  3. my dad is going through the same thing. he said he saw a tv show. make SURE you are NOT depriving yourself of nutrients in food! eat a little bit more healthy food. :yes:
  4. yeah, i just don't know how to shake it up. i'm going on a trip the week after next and i know my eating will be worse than normal then, so that'll at least be a change from routine for my body, and then i start school, so that'll be another change, and maybe that'll do it? one can only hope.
  5. remember to eat healthy snacks though!!!;)
  6. are you exercising Amanda?
    If nothing else, hop up and do some jumping jacks a few times a day. You have to shock your system by doing something different or unexpected.
  7. After a while of losing weight, your body will acclimate and it only becomes harder. That is just how the body works- hang in there, and like someone else mentioned do NOT deprive yourself at all!! You are doing great- keep up the good work!!
  8. Amanda,

    If you haven't consulted with a dietitian, I sugget you do so. I have had friends who actually SLOWED down their metabolism, because they weren't eating enough for their amount of exercise (WIth WW, at a certain point they suggest exercise, so I'm assuming you are.) A good dietitian should be able to help you find food that will help you feel full and stoke the fire. If you are studnent most schools have a dietitian available throught the health clinic for a nominal fee. If not, see if your GP will refer you to one. Even with WW, sometimes it's not nice to get that individualized help a dietitan can bring. Oftentimes, looking at your body size via inches lost is a better measure than weight which is affected by muscle which weighs more than fat. In any case, remember the most important thing isn't the number on the scale but how you feel physically! Because the most iportant thing is your health not a number on a scale!
  9. i'm not exercising per se, but i'm on my feet walking 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. the thought of doing anything but crashing when i come home (let alone going to the gym) is exhausting. so maybe school will be a welcome change for my body! i'll certainly be less tired. i just don't know what i should do about my eating - give it a rest for 2 or 3 weeks, try harder to be strict, stay the same? ahh!
  10. i feel like i might have slowed down my metabolism...i haven't been eating all the calories every day that i'm supposed to (i know, that's very bad of me and i shouldn't undereat, but it's not like i'm starving or anything) do i pump it back up? just start eating more and wait for my body to readjust? i live really close to the UGA health center, i'll have to see their dietician when school starts again (simply no time between now and then!)
  11. A week isn't really long enough to be concerned about IMO. You could try to bump up your calories one day and then the next eat lower. I would perhaps add some healthy fats like almonds or full fat yogurt to see if that helps. Its probably better if you eat all your points, otherwise you might slow your metabolism down, especially if you aren't working out.

    I actually have to work out otherwise I'm more tired and the stress gets to be too much.

    Anyways, you've done great so far and I'm sure it will continue! Oh and I wouldn't cut lose until your vacation - 2 or 3 weeks can creep up weight again quickly - at least for me.
  12. You have to continue eating enough to keep your metabolism moving... honestly this will be fine!! you are doing great!!
  13. but that's just like us that exercise. I'm up and down on the carpet all day playing w/ my twins. So much that you'd think that was surely enough, but it's not, my body adapted. Yours has adapted to how much you're on your feet, you have to shock it.
    Just like people who go to the gym 5 days/week and see no results. It's because they do the same thing for the same length of time day after day. . . gotta throw a wrench in there!:yes:
  14. exactly!! :yes:
  15. when you say you aren't eating your calories-are you eating all your points and using your weekly "bonus points"? If not-use them-when I went to meetings they always said not to miss a point because it affects your progress.