How do I bring Wine/Champagne on a flight?

  1. Well I fly a lot but I've never brought any wine/bottles before and I was thinking about packing it in my check-in luggage but I'm scared it will break because they just throw luggages around at the airport....I am planning to give a bottle of wine for my bf's mom as a late Christmas/New Years gift but I don't know how to pack it!! Any suggestions would be great!! TIA =)
  2. I HIGHLY recommend calling the airline/airport first. They have been so strict about everything lately and I just heard that soon you will no longer be able to bring batteries in your luggage.

    Ever thought of just shipping it??
  3. I usually just throw it in the suitcase, among my clothes. Never had an accident so far. The bottles I buy at the airport I just carry with me in the bag and put in the overhead compartment thing. I've never brought a bottle with me on a plane without checking it in or buying it at the airport, that wouldn't be possible here as you're restricted to 100ml bottles of liquid. :flowers:
  4. yeah..i know for sure i wouldnt be able to bring it as carry on since they give a certain amt of liquids to carry on flight, but my friends were all telling me to put it in my check in luggage so i might as well do that....wrap it with my clothes? lol...i hope that will work and not splatter everywehre. I will be devistated b/c it's red wine!! lol
  5. ^^ if you're going to do that, make sure to put wrap it in a garbage bag or something so that if it does splatter or leak, you might be covered. I would recommend wrapping it in a garbage bag, then covering it up in bubble wrap and taping it all around, like a seal.
  6. that sounds like a good idea!!!! thanks spacytracy =)
  7. If you're really worried and it's an expensive bottle, I recommend just shipping it, either to yourself, or to your BF's mom directly.
  8. Yeah thats a great idea, even if it cracks it won't leak.
  9. Put it in thick plastic bags one or more and then wrap it firmly in clothes or maybe stuff it with laundry or something. I've never had anything going wrong when bringing back the booze, I don't think you should worry. :nogood:
  10. If you have hard-sided luggage, that would be preferable to soft luggage since it can protect the bottle better. Also if you can, find a cardboard box that the bottle fits into, then stuff the box with clothes or bubble wrap or something else that will help cushion the bottle.
  11. Good suggestions so far. I think you should definitely do the bubble wrap, tape, and gigantic ziplock bag. Place the bottle on top of a pile of clothes and then toss on more clothes on top. I think that should be enough cushioning.
  12. Just to correct something, Tracy, the battery rule is rechargeable lithium ion batteries and will not be restricted at all but will be limited. The limit is very quite generous and will likely not affect the general public at all. For example, nearly all laptop batteries are well within the allowance.
    The DOT clarifies the limits and alllowances.
  13. ^^ :yes:

    There is a limit on how much you are allowed. But its quite crazy. I've heard stories about people packing 30 bottles vodka etc into their check-in baggage and they actually got past security with it. But I hope your not gonna bring 30 bottles unless your gonna share, :roflmfao: just kidding!

    For packing it - I would wrap in towels, and in beside all your clothes, just to be sure!:sneaky:
  14. You've seen those mini bar sizes! They just won't do. :lol: 30!!???!? I hope it was at least a rare or exotic or something.

    A friend of mine flew to scotland on a whiskey buying trip and brought back 8 bottles of very expensive and rare bottles and was scared to death customs would nail him and confiscate the lot. He had no trouble checking them in though.
  15. I second that :yes:

    Wrap in a towel, then in a plastic bag, and then place it in your suitcase, so the package is cushioned by your clothes on each side. This way, even if the bottle breaks (which it shouldn't), most of the the liquid will get soaked up by the towel and less will make it through the plastic bag to ruin your clothes. Have a good trip!