How do I bring a bag to my college graduation??


Sep 17, 2006
I remember back in HS I didn't bring anything and I certainly don't remember what anyone else did!
But this will be my college graduation in another month and I'm sitting here trying to figure out how in the world I am going to bring a bag with me! I might be going somewhere straight from graduation, but even so I NEED my things!

Should I buy a clutch? I mean, I definitely won't be leaving anything at my seat when I get up and I don't have any way of knowing until that week if there's someone in front of me or behind me that I know and can trust it with. I definitely can't leave it with my parents or boyfriend, they will put whatever one I wear down and I don't even want to think of what may happen to it!

Wouldn't it look funny walking up to get the diploma with a bag? Would a clutch be a best choice? The only problem with that is I don't already have one, and if I'm going to buy one, I am not going to settle on just anything! So a bit of money will have to go towards it on top of a cute dress.

What did everyone else do??


Feb 18, 2008
Bronx, NY
At my graduation, I remember a lot of girls (myself included) carrying small shoulder bags. I don't think a clutch will work, because you have to "shake and take" when you receive your diploma...unless you quickly tuck it under your arm as you approach the stage.
Dec 14, 2006
If you're driving there, or someone else is driving you, you can probably leave your stuff in the car. I don't know how much stuff you're bringing but maybe you can ask your SO to put it in his pocket. Or, maybe you can ask your mom really nicely to hold your bag in her lap or next to her the whole time. I think if you ask her not to put it on the floor she won't.


Feb 6, 2007
i'm wondering the same thing, because i have my law school graduation in a few weeks too. it's so important to bring things though - if i had to redo my college graduation, i would have definitely snuck a magazine in with me, graduations can be so long and boring.

you gown may be loose enough that you could wear a small shoulder bag underneath it without it being bulky. if you need a bigger bag, i think a messanger would be a good option too.


Jul 16, 2007
Nashville, TN
Who is going to steal your bag in front of thousands of people if you leave it sitting on your seat? lol... Maybe I'm too trusting

ami kio

May 28, 2006
Down South
I wouldn't carry a bag onstage, and it looks odd when a girl does (JMO). I suggest leaving your bag with a friend/family member or wearing a small messenger under your gown.
Nov 20, 2007
At my graduation, I just left my bag with my family too... didn't want to carry a bag with me the entire time, and it didn't look like anyone else did.

or, you end up going back and sitting in the same spot that you were in before (well, at least I did at mine) so you could always leave it on your chair?


Feb 26, 2008
I left mine on the chair since we went back to the same seats after getting the diplomas. My graduation was outdoors so I brought sunscreen. The flat hat provided no coverage and it was 3 hours of broiling sun in a black polyester gown. Plus, you might need bobby pins (for the flat hat) or tissues.

Also, because it was a large outdoor stadium graduation, everyone brought cell phones and were texting & calling relatives to let them know where they were in the processional, where they were sitting, etc. Almost everyone left the phones on their seat when they made the walk onstage. We had ushers who helped direct everyone where to sit and stood in the aisles so there was little chance of anyone being able to steal anyone's stuff.


Nov 18, 2007
haha maybe I'm too trusting too but I would definitely just leave it at my seat. You'll probably be surrounded with the people you know anyway.

But truthfully I wouldn't bring a bag at all. Leave it in the car. When I graduated college last year I didn't see a single person with any kind of purse.


Bag obsessed! <3
Nov 13, 2006
California, USA
I brought a little black Coach purse to my college graduation last year. I left it with my parents when we took our seats though. I didn't want to carry anything with me. It was enough that I had to walk up the ramp, take my diploma in one hand, and shake the dean's hand with my other free hand. I didn't want to have to carry anything with me. Plus, no one else was carrying bags with them when they walked onto the stage.