How do I block payment from unconfirmed addresses?

  1. Hi all - I'm going to list a couple of bags on eBay. This is the first time in YEARS that I've sold anything, so I'm more than a little rusty. I'm trying to get prepared to do this properly. I know from reading other posts that I can set Paypal to block payments from bidders with unconfirmed addresses, but I can't figure out HOW to do that. I've been staring at Paypal for about 10 minutes now. Could someone walk me through the clicks to find this option? Thanks a bunch!!
  2. I think (key word is think) you have to do it on eBay not paypal.

    nvrmd, found it
  3. k go to paypal, then go to PROFILE
  4. on the far right side you will see a blue category called SELLING PREFERENCES, under there is a long list of stuff. Look for PAYMENT RECEIVING PREFERENCES
  5. You can do it on paypal. Go to the blue tab that says My Account

    Click on it - then go to Selling Preferences on the far right side

    Click on Payment Receiving Preferences (fifth one down)

    Then you can choose block payments from US users who DON'T have a confirmed address.
  6. I have been wondering this too.

    So after you set this setting, if a potential buyer with an unconfirmed address tries to bid, are they automatically blocked by eBay from bidding? Or can they still bid and win but can't pay by Paypal? Sorry about my confusion...

  7. it only works for US buyers, not international.

    Redney, I think they are ok to bid but just can't pay w/paypal till they have confirmed their address.
  8. ^^^Thanks, spacytracy! So if they win and don't confirm their address with Paypal, a seller could file a NPB, right?

  9. Thank you so much! I could not find that yesterday to save my life. I rarely sell anything, so I'm not sure that I've ever been in that section before. Thanks goodness for you guys!
  10. But they still can bid and win the auction and you won't know until it is over?
  11. Yes, they still can bid but cannot pay via PayPal with unconfirmed addresses. You might need to add USPS Money Order as another option for payment.
  12. I block unconfirmed addresses from sending payment, but for some odd reason, I received an unconfirmed address payment anyways just the other day from a U.S buyer.