How do I ask for a BIN?

  1. Inspired by this thread:

    I wanted to know how do you go about the process of doing a BIN (Buy It Now, for our new members :biggrin:) if there is only a bid listed? What is the process to end the auction with the seller? Will they close the auction on their end and you pay them? :confused1: Thanks in advance for your answers. :biggrin:
  2. Most of the time if there is already a bid on an item, the seller will not end the auction early (although they MAY). Mostly, if there are no bids and the seller is willing to do a BIN, email them to ask. Then, if the seller agrees, they'll change the auction to include a BIN price and you'll go in a buy it through the auction.
    Make sense?!!?:smile:
  3. ^ Thanks! So I guess you have to beat anyone else who may see it in that short amount of time, huh?
  4. Yes, well I've asked the seller to please email me just before they post the you can be watching and refreshing so you don't miss it!!!
  5. that's how I won mine.
    instead of ending the auction and creating a new one just for me to bid on, she just added the BIN price.

    I'm thinking, if someone was quick enough and saw it, I might have lost it.
  6. I rarely do a BIN when selling on eBay -- but if someone asks for one I usually will do it. Just use the "ask seller a question" (or whatever it's called) button and ask!

    I almost always ask any questions before buying something... gives me a good idea of what the seller is like. Even if the auctions says "perfect condition" or no scratches, smells, stains, etc. I ask anyway. Not because I don't believe them, but if they are rude and say "read the auction listing" then I don't buy.

    I've asked for free shipping on BIN prices already listed and usually the seller will agree. Sometimes not and that's OK, too. I started doing that after people would ask ME for the free shipping and I always agree. :yes:
  7. That happened to my hubby once on something he was buying! After emailing back and forth for a few hours, the seller put up the BIN price. Hubby went to use it within moments -- and it was already sold! :p
  8. Good thread, I'll have to keep this in mind for future eBay hunting.
  9. If I were the seller, I would just arrange for payment through paypal and then take the listing down. I would feel bad if I made arrangements with someone and then a different person got to the BIN first.
  10. That's what I was thinking the answer would be. I'm glad I asked. :biggrin:
  11. And I would be uncomfortable with that... can't leave feedback and there is no "official" auction to refer to in case of a problem.
  12.'s like completing an auction outside eBay.

    what a seller SHOULD do, end the auction, and set up a new one just for the buyer (kinda like a second chance offer one...)

    not sure if that messes with fees or whatnot...but it's the safest way to go.

  13. It's not really safe to conduct a transaction that way -- ebay offers some protection against getting scammed. If you conduct the transaction outside of ebay (aka paying via paypal and taking the listing down) you won't have e-bay on your side..
    Unless you know the person, it's best to always transact through e-bay
  14. The only reason I don't like to do this is because the transaction is then outside of ebay, which lessens the amount of protection you have against fraud.

    I do just like dewey and purseonality, I just email then before there are any bids and ask, usually people have told me no, but every once in a while, you can get a great deal. I just ask them to add the buy it now to the listing (but they can't do this if there are already bids, that is why you'll have the best luck if there are no bids)

    Good luck!
  15. it messes with fees, but I've even offered to split the listing fees with the seller to get them to do that. I did this whole thing with a bag on ebay last week and offered her an extra $10 to do it through ebay, and she agreed.