How do I apply toner?

  1. Sorry - stupid question, I know! But first of all, what should i use to apply the toner with? Secondly, do I wash it off or leave it on? And is this the order I should do everything in? :

    -remove eye makeup
    -cleanse skin/remove face makeup
    -differen (spot treatment for pimples)
    -night cream

    or is there a different order? thanks so much and sorry for the stupid questions!
  2. Apply with a cotton ball or pad. Leave it on.

    Toner is the devil on my skin, so I don't use it, but that seems to be the right order.
  3. Apply toner to cotton ball or pad, then rub gently all over face using an upwards-outwards motion.
  4. I think you have the sequence down correctly....that's the order I use too. As for the toner, a cotton ball is best. You leave it on. I let it dry before applying the next step. It just takes a minute or so.
  5. ok thank you!!
  6. For sensitive skin, there are some toner-like products that are spray-on. :smile:
  7. etagaya, my Chanel SA tried the sensitive, alcohol free toner on me, and it still burned! :nogood::lol:
  8. I use a La Prairie toner, and my facialist told me to put a few drops into my palm, rub palms together, and pat all over my face. I love doing this, and it doesn't waste any product.
  9. It does burn!! My Clarins toner is pretty good though, I only use it every other day just in case I get an allergic reaction. No burning sensation or red skin, and it's been a few months.:yes:
  10. Hmmm. I'll have to try the Clarins! Thanks, Apple!