How do I add a link to my post? Details pls.

  1. How do I add a link/URL to a post or thread? Can you be specific as I am a computer dummy! :confused1: Thanx, Guys;)
  2. Quite easy.

    If you want to link to a thread, you find out its link by visiting the thread and then copying the address from the browser's address bar. CTRL+C on Windows or Apple+C for Macs.

    Then you can paste the thread address into a new post by CTRL+V/Apple+V.

    Alternatively, you can link some text by marking the text in the post editor with your mouse and then clicking the small icon that looks like an earth with a chain attached to it. You can then paste the thread link in the popup window and press OK.
  3. To know if you've done it right, the code in your post should look something like this:

    [url=""]This link takes you to Google![URL]

    ... that gives...

    This link takes you to Google!

    Hope that helps! :yes: