How do Hermes SAs work among themselves?

  1. I know you have to build a good relationship with your H SA to get onto the list of "if any birkin/kelly come by... please let me know". However, I am curious to find out how the SAs work out the inventory among themselves? I am sure there is a limited no. of bags that come in every month and how do the SAs "compete" to hold the bags for their clients? Anyone knows?
  2. At my store, it's all bags for all SA's, but only certain clients, if you get what I mean?

    I heard when I was abroad that the SA's get a certain quota of bags, and still have to run it by the Store Manager before offering them to their clients.
  3. :crybaby: Yeah, I wish one of those SA's would offer me something, without me having to drop hints or beg...perhaps that's too much to ask. Especially since I'm supposed to be on a bag ban til next year.

    K....I just noticed your signature. LOL!!!
  4. Ladies,

    Thanks for the info. My SA has been dropping hints about birkin shipment coming in and she needs to get me a birkin. I am anxiously waiting for the call... but do not want to pester her too much either. *SIGH* - The pain we go thru for a birkin. hahaha..
  5. My SA routinely calls me when "my" bag comes in and when I go in to see her, she would bring out the box from the back, still plastic sealed, but with her name written on the plastic in black marker, on all 4 sides! I suspect that, sometimes, the SAs horde/divy up the most popular bags?
  6. :yes::yes:The Store Manager controls the store's Birkins/Kellys. And from hearsay, she also needs to justify to Corporate why certain customers "deserve" to be **rewarded** with a Birkin or Kelly.
  7. If that's true, then we should feel really HONOURED to be offered a Birkin or a Kelly.... it's like being part of a very elite club.
  8. Interesting input. But how do the store manager "justify" the sales from the walk ins that we hear sometimes? I guess it really depends on whether they like you or not.
  9. There are however stores which practise the assignment of Birkins to the floor i.e. for walk-ins.
  10. Very interesting mrssparkles
  11. A thought came to me when I am reading the posts. Maybe they will have a staff meeting when the shipment comes in and the store manager then "assign" the bags quota to each SA for their own cliente? Just a thought. :smile:

  12. I have heard that the managers and the SAs have a staff meeting when the bags come in. Then, they go through the order list and "assign" bags to the SAs and their clients.

    I have placed a couple of orders for 2 bags this week. Personally spoke to the store manager and he promised to try to get me my matte barenia cluth kelly! :graucho: We shall see... My order order was for a kelly in Vert Anis in swift with ph and white stitching. I have seen this IRL and and it is to-die-for!!!:drool::drool:
  13. Congrats congrats. Please keep us updates! :smile: