How do Hermes and BV co-exist in your heart?

  1. This thread is for those of you who adore both brands like I do. Doesn't matter whether you own any items from either, but if you love the timeless charm and quality of Hermes and Bottega Veneta, my question is for you.

    I always lusted after a Birkin, but had the luck and privilege of acquiring one only last Summer. For the following 3 months, I simply could not use another bag. As a footnote, BV has taken my breath away from the first moment I saw the woven leather God knows how many years ago. I acquired my first one about 4 years ago and never looked back. Apart from the odd Chanel, I really couldn't bring myself to wearing any other brand until Hermes.

    I now adore both brands and was just wondering what your thoughts are and how they compare and fit in your wardrobes/lives/dreams.
  2. I have very similar experience...

    Bought my first BV 4.5 years ago and I have been collecting BV ever since.

    I also got my very first Birkin last Summer. Soon after that I moved from Jakarta to Macau.

    Lifestyles in this little fishing village is very different so I have not really used my Birkin since the move. BV remains my favorite and it goes with everything. I mentioned it in a different thread that I love my Cabat much more than the Birkin.
  3. I think they're very different bags/styles with different uses. I love that my BV bags are elegant and effortless at the same time. And I like how much you can put into a Birkin and it still maintains its form (more or less!) and style. But it's the quality of the leathers and the workmanship, as well as the designs that do it for me. I guess I like that the Birkin is recognizable but the BV is not, odd as that may sound!
  4. I think while both brands are close in quality, they are so different in style; hermes is very structured while BV is slouchy (even the slouchiest Hermes leather doesn't come close to the BV leather!). So I have a bag to fit any occasion. My BV bags are for more casual wear, while my new kelly and to some extent my picotin have a more formal, structured air when I wear them. To me they are very different brands with similar quality and make my heart jump up and down in the same way.
  5. i am so happy that you have started this thread. my journey on designer handbags evolved quickly from big flashy logo ones like LV monogram to more understated brands like BV and Hermes. I guess when I get older, the concept of using quality handbags outweigh the desire for others to notice the bag i carry. i love the touch and smell of BV leather and Hermes bags; it's quite addictive.

    I started my love for BV around 4 years ago and honestly couldnt part with the first veneta i have even though it's old and dirty. i am amazed how after all the use and abuse, the bag still looks so fresh every time i bring her out. it was all downhill from there. slippery slope? i think so.

    Hermes is the ultimate luxury for me and i started with garden party when i was younger. the bag was so durable that i used continously for almost two years and right now it still looks decent. then i bought the Lindy (which reminds me that i still didnt take action pic for you yet ms piggy-apologies on that). Lindy was versatile and light. although i love my Birkins, but they are definitely not a everyday bag for me. i dont baby my Birkins like most people. to me a bag is a accessory and if i am constantly conscious of not dirtying the bag, then i might well not use it at all.

    they are definitely my favorite brands of bags and i know the love is forever :smile:
  6. This is an interesting question indeed. And I do attest to most of what has been written here. These are 2 very distinct brands and carry different styles. I honestly do love both. Right now I am at this stage of my life where I do not want to spend away my money foolishly chasing the latest and the greatest. I guess in some ways I have come to realised what is really me and represents me. And what works for me is classic and these 2 brands represent that. I love the effortless chic of BV (Veneta) and the more dressy feel of H (Kelly/Birkin). They are understated (in the non-logo way) yet also at the same time distinguishable by those in the know. I appreciate how these bags are constructed and the history behind them. Years down the road, I want to still be able to enjoy them. Yes, these are only bags when you think about it, they are meant to be used, to serve your needs and at the same time bring you much joy.
  7. ouija board, out with the pics already!!!! We need to see that Kelly!!!!:yahoo:
  8. ^ I just saw it, what a beauty!!
  9. I went to Hermes a little while ago and was talking to the SA about ordering a Birkin bag. I have not taken the plunge yet. I'm nervous to be honest. I love all my bags but rely on my venetas the most as I love a shoulder bag and they are so light and comfortable.

    Is the birkin very heavy to carry? I know it's timeless and truly beautiful but I'm just not sure I can spend the money unless I wear it a lot.
  10. ^ the weight on the Birkin varies based on size and the leather. Epsom, chevre, box and swift are lighter compared to Fjord, clemence and togo.

    40 clemence will probably hurt your arms and shoulders but 30 swift might be very easy to tote around daily.

  11. Mine is a 35 clemence and it can get heavy as a)it is not the lightest of leathers b) you end up carrying a lot around as it is a big bag (esp.on business trips, when I carry around documents as well).

    I agree with all points raised here. When I first got the Birkin, I thought OMG, how am I ever going to do justice to my BV bags now? I was just in complete awe of the Birkin and couldn't bear the thought of parting with it even for a day. I still love it, but now I am more comfortable switching back and forth with BV. I'm surprised I don't carry my blue jean evelyne as often, but it feels more like a summer bag. I have to admit ottone is a stunning colour and my new sloane makes an appearence most days now.
  12. OMG, ms piggy! The first thing I thought when I walked out of the store was, ms piggy will be so happy to see me doing an H reveal! I really thought it would be months, no years before I got a kelly or birkin.
  13. :lol: I had this strong feeling you would have one very soon somehow. And you did! Black box gold hardware is one of my grail! :heart: